For Under the Radar’s Protest Issue artists were given boards and paint to make their own protest signs and were photographed holding them.

Start date of auction: Tuesday October 16, 2012 @ 2:00 p.m. EST

End date of auction: Tuesday October 23, 2012 @ 2:00 p.m. EST

Find the auction at eBay here:

All proceeds will go to War Child - War Child is dedicated to providing urgently needed humanitarian assistance to war-affected children around the world. War Child helps generate awareness, support, and advocacy for children’s rights everywhere.

Cool protest signs made by awesome musicians!



Binders full of women

This was fast. Bravo, Tumblr



Matt Romney in the audience of tonight’s debate.

-Matt Wilstein

What loving Christian mood got into this guy tonight? 

He has that “John Wilks Booth” look. 


Santiago, Chile: Students march to demand education for all, October 11, 2012.
Photos: Frente Fotografico
Check out Camila’s awesome hammer-and-sickle earring!

Santiago, Chile: Students march to demand education for all, October 11, 2012.
Photos: Frente Fotografico
Check out Camila’s awesome hammer-and-sickle earring!

Santiago, Chile: Students march to demand education for all, October 11, 2012.
Photos: Frente Fotografico
Check out Camila’s awesome hammer-and-sickle earring!

Santiago, Chile: Students march to demand education for all, October 11, 2012.
Photos: Frente Fotografico
Check out Camila’s awesome hammer-and-sickle earring!


Santiago, Chile: Students march to demand education for all, October 11, 2012.

Photos: Frente Fotografico

Check out Camila’s awesome hammer-and-sickle earring!


“Ron Paul is the most consistent politician in D.C.

After all, the congressman from Texas has been saying it for months: he will NOT be endorsing GOP nominee Mitt Romney. Yet, the media still won’t accept it.

CNBC’s Larry Kudlow asked him in May. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer brought it up in…


By Jess E. Hadden

Yesterday afternoon, via Facebook, I heard about a solidarity march, being organized by an autonomous group. The reason: Leah from the Red & Black Cafe was being imprisoned for refusing to testify before a Grand Jury. I didn’t personally know Leah, but philosophically I supported the stand she was taking against the Federal government’s witch-hunt, targeting activists.

So, I hit “share,” passing the invitation along.

I observed the march as it approached SE Hawthorne Blvd, via 35th Ave. Since I did not recognize the people in the march (it’s hard to recognize a black bloc, especially at night, without my glasses) — and since I myself wear very bright colors — I decided to watch while maintaining a distance. Technical difficulties prevented me from livestreaming, but I still wanted to be able to report the real story.

As the marchers took the east-bound lanes of Hawthorne, I watched a growing crowd of curious people, in regular attire, following the march along the sidewalk, and inquiring about this unexpected sight.

Then, I heard, rather than saw, the sound of glass shattering. Immediately, the disastrous anti-police brutality march of last February 6th came to mind, when Occupy Portland and an autonomous group mixed like oil & water. I expected to see marchers, locals, and lookie-loos arguing and fighting with one another over tactics, and the definition of “violence.”

But that’s not what I saw. I saw the windows of Umpqua Bank — a bank that tries to present a local image, but really isn’t — smashed. And to my astonishment, I saw regular people, watching from sidewalks & bars, cheering. I found myself no longer observing the march, so much as I was observing the people observing the march.

Smash. Wells Fargo. Smash. Chase Bank. Smash. US Bank. Cheers, each time, from regular people, watching. As I passed the tables outside of the Hawthorne Theater, across the street from the Chase Bank at SE Caesar Chavez & Hawthorne, I heard people laughing and talking about how much they hated that bank. One man stood up and yelled, “Yeah! Smash that up!”

The Walgreens, at Caesar Chavez Blvd. & Belmont, appeared to be the last target, before I lost sight of the march. I heard sirens in the distance, but as far as I could tell, the march had already dispersed, almost as quickly as it had begun.

Contrasted with the march from last February 6th, there was a noticeable lack of contention about the targets of this black bloc. The only contention that appeared to exist was in regard to some marchers dragging items like recycling bins & newspaper dispensers into the streets — ostensibly, to block traffic and slow a police response. Other people, not necessarily marchers themselves, quickly removed the items from the streets. The point ultimately was moot; police vehicles came from multiple directions, and were remarkably slow to arrive.

Local corporate media and Portland Police later reported that the marchers were also attacking passers-by with glass bottles. This is, in fact, not true.

To me, the story really wasn’t about the smashed windows. I headed back to Hawthorne, to put my ear to the ground.

People were still buzzing about what had just happened. Absent, was a sense of anger regarding the vandalism. It is curious, how astonishing the absence of something can be. Inner SE Portland is, after all, a sleepy urban community.

I stopped in at Nick’s Coney Island for a drink. Police arrived, and questioned the bartender. I asked her what that was all about, to which she replied, “Some protesters took one of our chairs and threw it through the Wells Fargo window.

Before I could stop myself, I blurted out, “That’s awesome.”

She leaned in, smiling, and replied, “I know! Fuck Wells Fargo.

The beginning is near!

In this episode, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss workers of the world ‘uniting’ to give up their rights and nations of the world ‘uniting’ to give up their sovereignty. And the IMF sees for Europe an Irish like future where JP Morgan, Citibank, Bank of America and the Big Four accounting firms write the laws. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to Nick Verbitsky, director of CONFIDENCE GAME, about the civil mortgage fraud suit filed against JP Morgan.

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1.) This “Zero Percent” Interest Rate Policy of the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank is coupled with the FED’s money printing, into the many trillions of dollars of worthless paper. This is called “monetizing the debt” as the FED simply uses this printed paper to buy 70% yo 80% of our government treasury’s United States Bonds. This policy debases the dollar and syphons off value from the wealth of humanity. This may not appear brutal here at home in the USA, but since the dollar is the worlds reserve currency, lets look at some of the effects of this fascism.

(Fascism is the merger of private corporations and government power)

2.) By keeping interest rates at zero, the Privately Owned Central Bank sucks all the value off of every City, County, State, and Private Pension Fund, that has money, and requires a growth rate of 6% to 8% to be able to pay out pensions. That zero percent means all growth is limited to less than 2%, which depletes money from the reserves of the pensions and delivers that value to the FED. It’s a skimming operation based on interest rates. Simple.  When you or anyone else retires, there will be no money in the pensions, as the FED will have already taken it all thru this low rate standard.

3.) Student Loans at 6% and up, will not be repaid as there will not be money with value remaining in the economy to cover the spread. This means that everyone borrowing money for education is signing up for slavery to the Banks over the lifetime of their debts for education.

4.) Mortgages at 3% to 5% or more, will in turn simply are contracts of indentured servitude to the banks.  And you thought slavery was illegal? Think again.

5.) Outside the USA, the inflation hits in the commodities as the debased dollar really become violently brutal in real human prices. Food cost two to 4 or 5 times what it used to. Same with fuel for heating and cooking. The real cost is starvation where over 2 billion are already suffering in ability to survive on what they have. Within a year, one billion will die. Who needs work camps like Auschwitz to exterminate people when monetary policy will serve the same end thru physical starvation. And we thought Hitler was bad killing 10 to 12 million, if that. And with Stalin, and Mao, Stalin killed 20 to 30 million and Mao killed over 80 to 120 million respectively. Those rates of genocide are nothing compared to what Wall Street is dishing out to humanity now, over the next 24 months. 

6.) No Economist is being honest with people thru their silence.

7.) What the Central Banks are doing is removing the financial-life-blood from the political body of our economies.  

8.) Who owns these “Central Banks”? What a surprise. Not one Central Bank is publicly owned and not one issues credit based currency, with any reasonable 2% to 3% interest rate required for people to accumulate and then grow their own individual net worth.

9.) This fraud is called a systemic control fraud. Franklin Roosevelt recognized this and created the Glass Steagle Act as one way to prevent this, without removing privately owned banks from the markets. It’s now time to terminate privately owned banks, confiscate their criminal gains, and establish a new financial system based on publicly owned banks, with credit based currencies, controlled by a board of governors for each nation, accountable to democratically elected governments. 


A Pakistani schoolgirl fighting for her life after being shot by Taliban gunmen was transferred on Thursday from a hospital in a province that is a militant haven to a specialist hospital in the army garrison town of Rawalpindi. (Read more)

If these men call themselves God’s children, it makes them my brothers, and it’s a thought I will never tolerate with everything that I have and everything that I am. His children are champions like Malala, not angry old weak men that only come in groups to ask you if you have a problem, and can only afford to fight with educated little girls, because they’re frustrated at not being able to make their wives moan and come when they get home.

I really hope this will be a turning point for Pakistan, I hope they’ll soon realize that the garbage bags they’ve been accumulating at the back of the house need to be removed. Nobody should ever have to keep living with the horrid smell and the nasty insects they attract. 

Malala, you’re a heroine. I want to see your face every time I google search image the word ‘brave’. I want to see someone like you awarded a Nobel Peace Prize someday. And I want to see you keep fighting for your rights because baby girl, you deserve them ALL. Sending prayers and hugs your way for a speedy recovery. Peace be with you!