Here we have an excellent 5 minute run down of the huge geo-political forces at play as Israel just goes ahead and attacks Iran shortly.  Will this start World War III?  Actually, yes. We are about to be dragged into a world war by Israel.  By Attacking Iran, and then suffering the intense military counter strikes, Israel’s clear plan appears to try to then use their Global Media Empire (FOX, NBC, PBS, SKY, CBS, ABC et al) to sell world opinion on how much they (Israel) deserve support in the War, they will start now.  

Iran will close the straights to the Persian Gulf and cut off all oil flows to China, and elsewhere, so the Chinese/Russian energy agreements that give China access to Russia’s north slope oil will be critical to China’s participation in the war.  Russia will back Iran.  If China and Russia back Iran, then the Neo-cons in Washington DC (the Principles Committee of Hilary Clinton, Petraeus, and Panetta that now runs Washington DC) will get the World War they seek to begin their plan to depopulate the world.  Global depopulation is at the center of the menu of operations of the global elite run by David Rockefeller and Evelyn de Rothchild.  A Worldwide Thermo-Nuclear War would allow the 1% to wipe out 5 to 6 billion people pretty quickly.  The 1% are not nice people.  You do not get to oppress and enslave the 99% by being nice to everyone.

It is very important that people everywhere learn to think in geo-political terms quickly. The global elites have think tanks, which have been planing this chess game for decades and we all get five to seven days to come up to speed.  The analysis in this clip puts the perspective out there, without many of the details - like China’s reliance on Russia’s oil as a back up, for when Israel does something stupid.  The long range plan of what people are now calling the global elites is a “one-world-government” and “one-world-currency”, with a “one-world-bank”.  With the Euro as a pan-European-currency going down soon, that would set the stage for the money side of this diabolical plan.

Mass murder via warfare, of one to two billion people quickly would kick start the global depopulation plan.  The end of the third world war would allow the elites their one world government.  If you listen to Zibigniew Brzezinski, President Obama’s geopolitical national security advisor and co-founder of the Trilateral Commission with David Rockefeller, the future one-world government should be run by Israel, which is the many decade long Rothchild and Rockefeller zionist dream.  This is why these tycoons funded both sides in the great WWI and WWII.  This is also the why behind the NSA and CIA, we set up in 1945 and 1946 to establish a National Security State in the USA.  That shadow government allowed the Banks to rob our whole American Economy over the last 30 years.  Remember….   Obama works for the elites, not the people.  I just wonder if the USA will play a back up role to an Israeli attack on Iran or if the USA will play lead? 


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