In New York, David Rockefeller owns “the city”. In London, Evelyn Rothchild owns “The City”. A banner reading ‘Revolution’ is displayed in front of St Paul’s Cathedral in London. The City of London Corporation says it will resume legal action to clear the anti-capitalist camp outside the cathedral, after New York police took down a similar camp. This “Occupation” is crystalizing around the alleged property rights of the 1% who robbed us all, and the property rights of the 99% who were robbed. Its time to end the Terrorist Banker Occupations of our Nations and our Communities - all over the world. In China, the Communist Party is the 1%. In San Francisco, the Mayor who stole the election and Willie Brown are the 1%. Obama is the 1%, as are the G20 - 16 of which are the British Empire - which it’s self is the old Roman Empire, Knights of Malta, Knights Templar and all that crap. What is our one demand?

It is getting clear to me that we (the 99%) need to end private banks, and private banking. We need to replace our complete financial system with public banks, like the State Bank of North Dakota. We need these in every County and State in the USA, and our US Treasury must seize the Federal Reserve Bank. All over the world, people everywhere must seize their Central Banks, and end private banking. Every Central Bank is privately owned, and the 1% own these banks and use these banks as their shield to defend their thievery of our commonwealth and common law as well as our personal wealth and personal property. Our Bill of Rights and our Human Rights are now in conflict with the alleged Property Rights of the 1%. The time is here for a global Debt Jubilee, and the seizure of assets claimed by all the private banks.

We must organize to take the political and economic power away from the 1% and restore these “things” to the 99%.  Receivership works, but not with “their Judges”.  Their Politicians are corrupt.  Soft Corruption and insider trading is the same as organized crime, racketeering (with all or any of the elements necessary to imprison the 1% for 20 year terms) bribes, collusion, and the fraudulent conveyance of public property for private gain, self dealing, and antitrust, secreted and drafted in their board rooms and chambers, and then further shielded in “their Courts”.  We must awaken to the criminal nature of the Judges in all of this.  The Judges must be arrested and prosecuted for collusion. The Politicians must be arrested and prosecuted for collusion as well.  It is not the 1% who need to clean up our Parks.  It is us - all of us, who must remove the 1% from their castles (our future parks and museums) and estates and send them to prison for theft of the commons from our commonwealth.  Of course derivatives are fraudulent instruments of felony.  Of course the global banking and settlement system is organized terrorism, and organized criminal racketeering dressed up as politics and structured private banking processes.  Since fraudulent instruments (derivatives) are the basis of organized crime based on counterfeiting, and the presentation of counterfeit claims on real property, all the felons and the agents of felony need be arrested now.  We have whole governments who need to go to prison.  It’s time.  It’s past time.

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