Radiation kills life. Some of this lasts hundreds of thousands of years, so it this is the killer that keeps on killing. You die and the particles that killed you keep on killing life as they continue to cycle thru the ecosystem. Many of us are concerned about Reactor #4, because when the spent fuel pond looses water, it will mean the end of life on earth as we knew it. Radiation kills. We need to decommission all nuclear power. This evils stuff will built by Banks and War Corporations that make money on death. They bring nothing good to life! 

Paul Gunter, Beyond Nuclear joins Thom Hartmann. For the first time since before last year’s March earthquake and tsunami - a nuclear reactor in Japan is up and running again. Despite 200,000 protesters gathering last week in Central Tokyo to demonstrate against turning any nuclear reactors back on - reactor number three at the Oil nuclear plant in the Fukui Prefecture in Western Japan was officially flipped on Sunday night - restarting Japan’s embrace of nuclear power. Many of the other 49 reactors that have been shut down since last year - are scheduled to be turned on again later this month. But scientists are warning that the plants still haven’t been properly upgraded to withstand a strong earthquake and tsunami - like the one that took out the Fukushima plant, which is still in the midst of a nuclear crisis. Last week - record levels of radiation were discovered inside reactor one at the plant. A lethal dose of more than 10,000 millisieverts an hour was registered in the reactor - that’s ten times more radiation than in reactors two and three. According to the operators of the plant - TEPCO - workers are unable to enter the site due to the high levels of radiation. So is it really wise for Japan to be restarting its nuclear plants while the country still tries to resolve the world’s worst nuclear disaster?

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