Obama continues to cover up Nixon’s directives to kill, made from the Whitehouse. Why? Because Obama continues to issue directives to kill, from the Whitehouse. Both are murderers, criminals, guilty of war crimes. ¬†Depleted Uranium Weapons, Nukes made at Fukushima for Israel’s vast arsenal. Their War Crimes continue. The National Guard received orders to kill at Kent State. The National Guard received and continue to receive orders to kill all the time in Afghanistan, and Vietnam, Cambodia, Iraq, and soon Syria, and Iran. Same war. Same policies. The CIA still makes and sells heroin to prop up the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank Debt Issuance Monetary Global Financial System. War is for corporate profits, never human rewards. Nuclear Power is a commercial byproduct from the manufacture of nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons serve no good end for anyone on earth. ¬†It’s hard to face the facts that Obama is Nixon, is Bush, is Johnson, is Clinton, is just another face on the Rockefeller/Rothschild War Machine that operates the Bank of England, thru the Bilderberg Group, the Council of Rome, and on and on as this small group of criminal oligarchs has for centuries. There is a global student strike that is now organizing all over the world for this fall. Join in on your campus. Get the word out. Ask your local Unions to join you. Hopefully we can all rise up in a global general strike and take down this monster that brought us Fukushima, and every war in the last many hundreds of years. We must end private banking and seize all the assets of the banks, and close all private banks as the criminal cartel of organized crime that has done nothing other than enslave the world.

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