"Debra Walker — a Mirkarimi supporter — said Olague told her that Lee sought advice about the charges before they were filed.

Olague denies ever speaking to the mayor about that, as do supervisors John Avalos, David Campos, Carmen Chu, Mark Farrell, Jane Kim, Eric Mar and Scott Wiener. Supervisors Malia Cohen and Sean Elsbernd, and board President David Chiu, declined to comment on the matter, citing a request by the City Attorney’s Office that they not speak publicly about a case they will ultimately decide.” - from the article.

The Official Family Officially Circled Their Wagons. 

The Official Family broke State Law. They violated the Brown Act on May 24th, 2011 and when that matter went to the District Attorney and to the Ethics Commission on March 13th, it only took Steve Kava and the Mayor seven days to file their charges against the Sheriff. This cover up of the criminal violations of law by David Chiu, Malia Cohen, Eric Mar, and Scott Wiener, by Steve Kava and Mayor Lee further served to protect the Mayor from his violation of the California Costa Hawkins Act, and accomplice to the May 24th crimes of the Supervisors, when he signed off on the criminal acts. This is all spelled out in the Sunshine Ordinance Task Force Case #11048. 

The June 29th 2012 lies by the Mayor were to cover up the coverup, and protect the Parkmerced Scandal from blowing up in the media. May 24th 2011, Seven Supervisors colluded to end rent control in San Francisco. 4,000 to 5,000 San Franciscans lost their Rent Controlled Homes in the Parkmerced Boondoggle. The Official Family is guilty, guilty, guilty!

Look at them here. Besides the Mayor, Supervisors Malia Cohen, Carmen Chu, Scott Wiener, and Mark Farrell should be recalled. Their crimes were their votes. Besides the criminal acts that put the question of Parkmerced before the Board, the votes “Yea” for that now illegal project violated Costa Hawkins. It is illegal to end rent control protections on property where people live in California. 

Ending rent control illegally was an illegal act - according to the San Francisco Civil Grand Jury. These four (Cohen, Chu, Wiener, and Farrell) broke that law May 24th in the afternoon. On the morning of that same May 24th 2011, Supervisors David Chiu, Malia Cohen, Eric Mar, and Scott Wiener criminally violated the Brown Act, that controls public meetings, when they acted illegally that morning, in Committee. The whole process, which all seven Supervisors were involved with the Mayor on, broke the law, and this is a crime - not some civil matter. These are crimes. 

This is why Mayor Lee filed his bogus charges against our elected Sheriff on March 21st, one week after the SOTF Case #11048 hit the District Attorney’s Office and the Ethics Commission for enforcement. 

Now we have criminals who will vote to cover up their crimes, which broke both State Law, as in criminally violated State Law, and broke our San Francisco Sunshine Ordinance, and where is the media? Where is the media? Is there anybody out there working in the public interest of journalism?

The Mirkarimi matter is a intentional Abuse of Process to criminally coverup the Parkmerced Crimes. 

Yes, this will open up legal scrutiny on the Treasure Island Crime, and on the Hunters Point Crime, and on HOPE SF, and the Mayors Housing Trust Fund, and what we as San Franciscans agree on, as what we will allow in our City and County. Where is the media?

The Sheriff is not guilty of Official Misconduct. 

When I ran for Mayor, in 2011, I stated over and over that the Official Family was Officially Corrupt - and guilty of Enterprise R.I.C.O.! This is the truth!

Yes the Pelosi’s are in on it. Yes, Senator Feinstein is in on it, as are Willie Brown and Rose Pak. The leadership of the local Democratic Party are corrupt and make people like me ashamed to admit that I am a Democrat. This is not politics. This is criminal corruption and someone needs to enforce the law. If our officials will not, then it is up to us as voters in a recall. Heads need to roll. 


We must all remember that the Mayor’s perjury under oath is a serious felony criminal violation of the California Constitution, and is the clear grounds for our recall of Mayor Ed Lee, both under California State Law, and under the Charter of the City & County of San Francisco. 

The additional violations of the Brown Act and the Costa Hawkins Acts, by Mayor Lee so as to additionally illegally block rent control in California, are also criminal violations of law, which further serve as grounds to recall the Mayor and Supervisors: (1) Carmen Chu; (2) Malia Cohen; (3) Mark Farrell; (4) Scott Wiener.

There is no point in circulating petitions to recall David Chiu, or Eric Mar as their terms are up this November. The voters will have the opportunity to vote both David Chiu and Eric Mar out for their violations of State Law in 2011. Elsbrnd terms out. These issues are core to this election cycle now, as Chiu and Mar can not be recalled for actions committed in 2011 - after the election. So these issues are election issues even if the Chronicle wants to sweep all this graft and corruption under the City’s rug.

We all need to school ourselves in the Sunshine Case #11048, and the crimes these people committed in office. If we are going to end the corruption in San Francisco it’s up to us to clean house!


March 13th 2012 Referral to the San Francisco Ethics Commission 

March 13th, 2012 Referral to the San Francisco District Attorney  

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