This is not the Fukushima Radiation Map from April 2011. This is the Map from today. Looking good, Godzilla! (Godzilla was a monster who was the kids symbol for radiation). The ten year forecast for the the USA, especially California, is for 10 times the radiation that the Japanese suffer from in Fukushima proper. This bad news will continue to get worse here in California regardless of whether Diablo Canyon blows or whether we decommission San Onofre or not. When San Onofre goes, we can forget about people in Los Angeles for 500 or more years. We may have to write off LA for 25,000 years. So how inexpensive is Nuclear Power? Ask Willie Brown! He works for PG&E. Maybe Willie will tell you as much truth as you can guess your getting out of his Acting Mayor Lee.

As you watch, you will see the forecast for the next ten years for California.

Here is what the radiation off California will look like by 2017. This means we can forget any commercial fishing. If there are any more living fish, whales, or any other kind of Marine life remaining, it will not be fit for consumption. The fog and rain will have contaminated all of the Central Valley. Down-winders? Who knows. Fukushima was one Nuclear Plant. General Electric built 23 more in the USA, that are all just like Fukushima. We have 100 times the spent fuel here in the USA than Japan has in all of Japan. And that reactor at #4? The US and Japanese Governments are lying to us - worse than Mayor Lee under oath! Reactor #4 was making weapons grade plutonium for Israel. It’s a mess. These forecast maps may only be one one thousandth as deadly as the situation really is. Already, if #4 goes in the next 18 to 36 months, life on earth is over for mankind. This is the true cost of nuclear power. So next time Willie Brown tells you PG&E are the good guys, you may as well give him an knuckle sandwich, as your thanks for the Texas advice!