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http://NukeNe.ws Edano: “We have to eventually terminate all nuclear power stations” | NYTimes: How Coral Reefs Can Recover | Fukushima Workers Forced To Fake Radiation Levels | Japan and media kept quiet about Fukushima children and thyroid abnormalities | Australia’s nuclear and fossil fuel front groups campaign against wind energy | Estimatinf Fujushima cancer risks,but they left out 20,000 workers | Removal of Fukushima reactor No 4 fuel rods - long, dangerous process | No scientific basis for ‘Waste Confidence Rule’ but it keeps the nuclear industry going | Diminishing safety in ‘uprating’ nuclear reactors | Horrendous cost of burying a dead nuclear power plant | Soldiers used as radiation guinea pigs by France | Britain Finland, Poland, Czech Republic - uneconomic nuclear power plans | San Onofre nuclear plant’s serious safety problems | After one MOX nuclear reprocessing disaster, Britain about to start another one | France’s nuclear waste soon to double in size | Making San Onofre nuclear plant safe - the costs just keep escalating | Removing fuel rods from Fukushima No 4 fuel pool - dangerous experiment | San Onofre nuclear power plant and its 3,400 damaged steam generator tubes | World Nuclear Industry Status Report WNISR - a sobering message for nuclear power enthusiasts | ‘Regulatory Capture’ - how the global nuclear industry is in control of its ownhttp://NukeNe.ws/Contributors Audio: http://soundaudiomusic.com

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