Enough is Enough: RECALL THE MACHINE

On July 31st, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors finally took public comment on the issue of removing elected officials from office. Ever since the Ethics Commission illegally blocked Sunshine Ordinance Task Force Case #11048, which was sent to the full Ethics Commission on March 13th 2012, and opened up Mayor Ed Lee’s March 21st charges against Elected Sheriff Mirkarimi of “Official Misconduct” the Ethics Commission has been operating illegally in “Rogue Mode.”

From March 21st 2012 forward, the Ethics Commission established illegal processes on the fly. The SF-EC then moved into their new process that conducts business illegally, starting on March 26th 2012, and is still on-going. The Ethics Commission takes action on items that are not on any agenda. This violates the Federal ADA law, as no Disabled Person can plan to, take action, and actually participate in the operations of our local government. This illegal action by the local government acting in R.I.C.O. collusion across staff’s; across departments; across commissions; and across the offices of elected officials is felony criminal racketeering. This is wholesale criminal violation of many federal laws, which include: Civil Rights; ADA; R.I.C.O.; as well as the criminal violations of California State Law regarding the rules for conducting public meetings, controlling and insuring access to public documents and information, and denial of due process.

Since June 19th, the San Francisco Ethics Commission has:

1.) Systematically processed huge decisions-of-actions that merited public comment;

2.) Operated public meetings illegally without minutes;

3.) Operated public meetings illegally without agendas;

4.) Held public meetings illegally without providing public access to documents, especially which delivered hardship, with malice, upon disabled people;

5.) Operated public meetings illegally without ADA access to reasonable accommodations;

6.) Operated public meetings illegally without any public comments allowed, to specific agenda items, on the days of those items, nor would the City allow public comments on illegal non-agenda items. One such specific set of criminal acts took place on July 30th 2012 at the Land Use Committee, on Item #1 from that meeting, and which was then acted on July 31st, 2012 illegally, by the full Board of Supervisors, in another separate criminal act(s), committed by the full Board, which mirrored the same pattern of illegal racketeering used on May 24th of 2011, now known as Sunshine Ordinance Task Force Case #11048. In SOTF Case #11048, in the public record, the City Attorney admitted that they and the Office of the Mayor, including Mayor’s Newsom, and Lee used this same pattern of illegal racketeering to push thru on HOPE SF, the Hunters Point - Lennar Development, and the Treasure Island - Lennar Development.

7.) At no point have the Ethics Commission, nor the Board of Supervisors allowed the 150 word, previously drafted comments for the record to be inserted and interjected into the record, to preserve the right to dissent by the citizens, and memorialize the protected political free speech of San Franciscans, in wholesale violations of the civil rights of the citizens of San Francisco, and any body else who seeks to participate in our democracy. On at least four occasions the Sunshine Ordinance Task Force has issued Orders of Determination on this exact point - the right to insert 150 word written comment into the minutes of any public meeting in our City & County of San Francisco.

8.) Censored the records of public meetings illegally without mention of the specific dissent prepared into 150 word statements to have been included in the minutes, regardless of whether the Commissioners, City Attorney, Mayor or Board of Supervisors likes the protected political free speech;

9.) UNFORTUNATELY, there are too many meetings of the Ethics Commission, that are covered in the umbrella of excuse, that the EC is in “Hearings Mode”, where no access to public records was nor is allowed, in any timely manner, so that any Disabled Persons can participate as legally entitled to by right!

The many issues of Racketeering by the Mayor, the City Attorney, the District Attorney, their staffs, and commissions, are felonies. The pattern of felony constitutes all the elements of Criminal Felony R.I.C.O.

The many issues of Racketeering by the Board of Supervisors, the Mayor, the City Attorney, and the District Attorney, along with their staffs, and commissions, are also  patterns of felony, which also constitute all the required elements of Criminal Felony R.I.C.O. as outlawed in the United States Code. 

These patterns of felonious conduct by our elected officials are far more than “Official Misconduct.” These patterns of crime are organized crime. We need to look at each other now, as we are the voters responsible to RECALL THIS MACHINE!!!

(Source: mayorcurrier.com)