Mayor Elect Ed Lee robbed his own election in November of 2011. A well organized crime family used voter registration frauds and absentee ballot frauds to create 10,000 to 20,000 illegal votes. The FBI did nothing. The US Attorney did nothing. California Attorney General Kamala Harris was in on it, along with Willie Brown, Rose Pak and others. Ed Lee (Mayor), George Gascon (District Attorney) and Kamala Harris (past District Attorney and now California State Attorney General) would never have been elected in 2011, were it not for these felonies. There was central tabulation fraud as well, that took place in the basement of San Francisco City Hall. November 8th 2011. These crimes compound the election funding felonies, extortions, and wholesale violations of the ethics laws. Neither Harris as AG nor Gascon as DA will investigate and prosecute!

What is worse? Could stealing elections get worse? 

Mayor Lee, Willie Brown, Rose Pak (a non-registered agent of the Peoples Republic of China), George Gascon, City Attorney Dennis Herrera, US Senator Diane Feinstein, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, and Kamala Harris, and others have all lined up quietly behind Mayor Ed Lee as he now tries to steal an elected office from Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi. This is organized crime.

San Francisco better wake up to the organized crime going on at City Hall! The Parkmerced Project is a multi-billion dollar illegal destruction of rent controlled homes, as well as a demolition of one of our FDR designed historic neighborhoods. This plan to build high price housing right next to SF State University, while delivering no new student housing is pure greed, brought on by graft, and wholesale Civil Rights and ADA violations of law. 

The Lennar/Hunters Point and Lennar/Treasure Island Developments are worse. Public Property is being robbed in the thefts of tens of billions if not hundreds of billions of dollars in public property, in the criminal fraudulent conveyance of public trusts for private gain. The rich and powerful apparently believe they can get away with murder. 

We need to organize to stop these thefts of public property. 

Please do your own homework and support Hope Johnson who is running for Supervisor in District 5, and Lynn Gavin who is running for Supervisor in District 7. 

Members of the State Bar have filed complaints with the State Bar to Disbar Mayor Edwin Mah Lee for crimes of moral turpitude, corruption, as well as perjury. Given the facts that Kamala Harris is so close to President Obama, and the fact that she is California’s AG, as well as the fact that San Francisco District Attorney Gascon is running local coverup and misprison of felony, it is up to us as voters to organize and throw the bums out!

I am a Democrat. Regardless, we as voters of all stripes need to organize to Recall the Money Machine and throw the bums out! We need a new City Attorney in San Francisco, and Matt Gonzalez looks interested in that job. This is good news. We need to rally to support Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi now, in his trial before the Board of Supervisors. 

Google Sunshine Case 11048. Educate your self. Some of us are trying hard and we all need to rally together. Drop the factions and lets get rid of organized crime in San Francisco. The more we can indict the better, as there are 300 to 500 who belong in prison, including Willie Brown.


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