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Ace Hoffman:
Dear Sleepy Public,

We tried to warn you. We really did! We tried soooo hard to warn you about something like Fukushima Daiichi! But you didn’t listen.

Well — unless you live in Northern Japan — YOU get a second chance! Please listen this time!

In this video, a couple of Southern California activists discuss San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, and Ace Hoffman displays some of his nuke-related internet animations, which prove that the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear catastrophe was predicted and expected, and that similar accidents at other nuclear power plants are inevitable unless we shut the power plants down for good.

Nuclear power is a failed “experiment” which has cost too many lives and caused too much harm. The nuclear industry has had too many failures, too many times. They have not kept their promises. They have obfuscated the facts.

The National Academy of Sciences published a book about Chernobyl last year (2010) indicating nearly a million deaths from that accident. Fukushima will probably exceed that. (Yesterday, March 29th, 2011, it was reported that one reactor core at Fukushima has melted through its pressure vessel. This is an ongoing tragedy at this time (and will be for the rest of eternity).)

Another Fukushima/Chernobyl can happen in an instant at ANY nuclear power plant anywhere in the world. And as for the new “safer” designs for reactors? Forget them too!

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Some of the images in this video were supplied by Marsha Joyner. Activists shown speaking are Jerry Collamer and Gary Headrick, San Clemente Green. Our thanks to everyone who has helped with this video and the software products demonstrated, including Beyond Nuclear, NIRS/WISE and many other organizations. We support them but cannot possibly list them all here!

Please tell your friends to watch this video!

Please tell your friends to tell their friends to watch this video!

Together we can end this nightmare before it gets any worse.

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