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Kevin Ryan, a former site manager for Environmental Health Laboratories and a whistleblower on Underwriters’ Laboratories involvement in the discredited NIST report on the WTC destruction, joins us to discuss his latest article on the anomalous actions of the secret service on 911, and what it tells us about possible government foreknowledge of the attacks.

Read Kevin Ryan’s article here: http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2012/03/secret-service-failures-on-911-a-call-for-transparency.html

From my (Paul Currier’s) perspective, the reason the Presidential Protection Division of the Secret Service did not remove VP Dick Cheney from the operations command center, from where he (VP Cheney) directed the attack on the Pentagon is clear as day. Dick Cheney, George W Bush, GHW Bush (who was in the Whitehouse as all this went on), and Rumsfeld were in the process and did in fact rob the US Government of $2.3 trillion dollars. The plane (cruise missile) that Cheney directed into the Pentagon hit the accounting office where the 60 plus civilian employees all worked, who had discovered the missing money. September 10th, Rumsfeld announced the missing money. The next morning, all the witnesses were dead - and Cheney walked away a murderer. The Secret Service was in on it - obviously.

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