This is not the Fukushima Radiation Map from April 2011. This is the Map from today. Looking good, Godzilla! (Godzilla was a monster who was the kids symbol for radiation). The ten year forecast for the the USA, especially California, is for 10 times the radiation that the Japanese suffer from in Fukushima proper. This bad news will continue to get worse here in California regardless of whether Diablo Canyon blows or whether we decommission San Onofre or not. When San Onofre goes, we can forget about people in Los Angeles for 500 or more years. We may have to write off LA for 25,000 years. So how inexpensive is Nuclear Power? Ask Willie Brown! He works for PG&E. Maybe Willie will tell you as much truth as you can guess your getting out of his Acting Mayor Lee.

As you watch, you will see the forecast for the next ten years for California.

Here is what the radiation off California will look like by 2017. This means we can forget any commercial fishing. If there are any more living fish, whales, or any other kind of Marine life remaining, it will not be fit for consumption. The fog and rain will have contaminated all of the Central Valley. Down-winders? Who knows. Fukushima was one Nuclear Plant. General Electric built 23 more in the USA, that are all just like Fukushima. We have 100 times the spent fuel here in the USA than Japan has in all of Japan. And that reactor at #4? The US and Japanese Governments are lying to us - worse than Mayor Lee under oath! Reactor #4 was making weapons grade plutonium for Israel. It’s a mess. These forecast maps may only be one one thousandth as deadly as the situation really is. Already, if #4 goes in the next 18 to 36 months, life on earth is over for mankind. This is the true cost of nuclear power. So next time Willie Brown tells you PG&E are the good guys, you may as well give him an knuckle sandwich, as your thanks for the Texas advice!

This Gentleman (sic) just purchased the Rockefellers in a friendly merger. Now there is no factionalism at Bilderberg. There is just one controlling interest at the helm of all the financial terror, globally. 

Opener for Bilderberg 2012: Rockefellers and Rothschilds unite

Two of the best-known business dynasties in Europe and the US will come together after Lord Jacob Rothschild’s listed investment trust and Rockefeller Financial Services agreed to form a strategic partnership.

RIT Capital Partners 
is to buy a 37 per cent stake in the Rockefeller’s wealth advisory and asset management group for an undisclosed sum, giving Lord Rothschild’s London-listed trust a much sought-after foothold in the US.

The transatlantic union brings together David Rockefeller, 96, and Lord Rothschild, 76 – two family patriarchs whose personal relationship spans five decades.

The Rockefeller group traces its roots back to 1882 when John D. Rockefeller established one of the world’s first family offices dedicated to investing his wealth. It has since developed into a provider of wealth and asset management services to other families, foundations and institutions. It is majority-owned by the 19th century oil magnate’s family and has $34bn of assets under administration.

The partnership with RIT will focus on setting up investment funds, eyeing joint acquisitions of wealth and asset managers and granting each other non-executive directorships.

RIT Capital Partners is minority-owned by Lord Rothschild and its net assets of £1.9bn are spread across global investments from public equities to government bonds and private equity.

The deal stemmed from a meeting two years ago when Mr Rockefeller introduced Lord Rothschild to the US group’s chief executive, Reuben Jeffery.

In a follow-up meeting one year later at Lord Rothschild’s office at Spencer House in London, the financier won Mr Jeffery’s blessing for opening talks to buy a stake in the Rockefeller group.

He then launched long negotiations with Société Générale Private Banking, which has owned the shareholding since 2008.

The French bank’s wealth management arm has had several suitors for the minority stake – estimated to be worth less than £100m – but Lord Rothschild was the only one supported by the Rockefellers.

Lord Rothschild concentrated on RIT Capital Partners three decades ago after he fell out with his cousin Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and disposed of his stake in NM Rothschild, the family’s UK branch.

Sir Evelyn at the time ran NM Rothschild, which rose to fame in 1815 when Nathan Meyer Rothschild made a fortune buying British government bonds in anticipation of Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo.

Baron David de Rothschild, chairman of the Rothschild Group, is currently bringing the UK-based investment bank under a joint roof with the French family operations.

At the same time Lord Rothschild launched an investment partnership in March with the Franco-Swiss private bank Edmond de Rothschild Group, which is yet another separate branch of the sprawling banking dynasty.

Jesse speaks with Bilderberg expert, Daniel Estulin.

They’re thought to be a group of the world’s elite who meet once a year at a luxury hotel and decide how they will run the world. It’s believed they plan to thin out the population through disease and vaccines. Jesse Ventura infiltrates the Bilderberg Group.

Jesse is hot on the trail of The Bilderberg Group, a collection of the world’s elite who meet every year to, as the theory goes, decide how it will run the world. As Ventura tries to infiltrate this secret society he discovers a plot against him, but he is not the only one they are after. Jesse exposes some of the cabal’s most well-known and powerful members, and you’ll find out how both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are involved.

Their current alleged sinister plot is to dramatically thin out the world’s population. Ventura and his team will reveal the cunning methods, involving disease and vaccinations, The Bilderberg Group may use to enact their “soft kill” plan. If you’re wondering why you’ve never even heard of this secret society, it’s because the people who control the mainstream media are heavily involved.

What else are they hiding from you?

This is a breaking meltdown update with Bix Weir. Bix says “This is what the end game looks like… JP Morgan can literally computer rig this thing to zero and shut down the market. I say let em. The trick is to stay out of their system.”

Bix’s website:

After 911, the globalists are going to need a new stimulus for their new world order, to start a new war against iran that will turn the world upside down, and to implement martial law in their own countries. Something very disastrous is on its way people, and people have to know about this! Please SHARE THIS

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Life on earth now is a Star War’s Movie!

On the Wednesday, May 30 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex talks with American Free Press roving editor Mark Anderson and legendary Bilderberg sleuth Jim Tucker who has reported on the internationalist coven since 1975. Alex and the Infowars crew provide live coverage of the events unfolding in Chantilly, Virginia, as the Bilderbergers prepare to assemble and demonstrators opposed to the secretive group convene. Alex talks about the unprecedented security for the meeting, the Bilderberger plan to discuss the United Nations’ Agenda 21, and other breaking news surrounding the globalist confab. 

For a little over 50 years, an elite organization has met all around the world in total secrecy with nearly zero press coverage. On Thursday, the annual Bilderberg Conference will take place in Chantilly, Virginia where the world’s leaders are believed to make decisions that could possibly have an effect on the world. Abby Martin looks closer at Bilderberg’s global policies for a new world order as RT readies to cover this year’s event later this week. - from the RT description.

Tokyo is next. Are you ready?

A documentary about the exile of Futaba’s residents, the region housing the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. 

The day after the magnitude 9.0 earthquake on March 11, 2011, Futaba locals heard the hydrogen explosion at Reactor Number 1 and were showered with nuclear fallout. In response, the Japanese government designated the whole town as an “exclusion zone” and 1,400 of the town’s residents fled to an abandoned high school 250 kilometers away. The entire community, including the Town Hall office, was moved into the four-story building, making the residents nuclear refugees, the first nuclear refugees since Chernobyl.

The film portrays the evacuees as the nuclear disaster situation changes over time.

You can see more about the full film here.

40,000,000 people in now in Tokyo must leave, in order to live. Or they can stay and die, like the Cows abandoned in this short six minute clip. This is the reality that the Japanese Government will not let the world know about. This is the reality that the Obama Administration and the corporations of Wall Street do not want any American to know. When enough of us discover the real truth, we will shut down all nuclear power in the USA and stage a real revolution.

We do not need false hope and spare change. We need regime change.

We need to purge the Council on Foreign Relations and all their running dogs of Wall Street. We must purge all the greedy banksters, and if they will not go, we must have the courage to roll the guillotines into the town squares and do the deal to restore our freedom, liberties, and end nuclear power.

We can stage a global revolution now, or die from radiation poisoning, and forget future generations. There is no “settling differences” with criminals. We must arrest those in power and put them in our jails, and set up new truly democratic community bodies to make the critical decisions. We need to mobilize radiation education training and equip our people with geiger counters and ways to farm in the hundreds of years of fallout from what has happened already. We also need hundreds of thousands of suicide workers to volunteer to go entomb Fukushima.

We must decommission all nuclear power in the world. This must be out one demand.