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This situation is far beyond anyones control at this point. All we can control, is how we react. The time for some type of emtombment has long passed, as the fuel is now estimated to be 30-40 feet below the plant from researchers at Kyoto University. Everything TEPCO has tried to do to decrease the temp in reactor 2 in the past few days, including injecting boron to stop fission and dumping tons of water on the reactors is having no effect. Recent news coming out of the Fukushima plant and surrounding areas such as Xe detection and cesium levels, indicate the situation may be deteriorating quickly. Be prepared for possible out-of-control fission and subsequent large release of high radiation which will be carried directly from Japan to the west coast of the US and Canada.

US Diplomat speaks out about current state of Fukushima:

How much fuel is on site:

USGS Japan eq map for past week: 

Link to recent study on eq risk:

RadChick page on facebook:

Orion Talk Radio Network:

If not on facebook, visit Fukushimafacts.com on the web

Reactor 2 passes 752 degrees Farenheit:

TEPCO press release indicating Xe detection today:

Fukushima Diary phone call translation:

Same shit, different day, different angle:

Weatheronline wind pattern over Japan:

West Coast jet stream forecast for next week:

Fallout plans:

Civil defense museum online, see research here for nuke emergency:

What do Fukushima, Radiation Contamination, the FED and Libya have in common, other than these are this weeks featured stories on the Corbett Report?  Jim Corbett posts great stuff on Youtube.  I subscribe.  He also has his own website: corbettreport.com, where this week the featured podcast is about Chernobyl and the 25 years of lies that both the Russian Government and the IAEA have used to limit any awareness as to the truth of the radiation and the health effect on the planet.  

How many of you knew the Fukushima evacuation zone should now be an additional 20 kilometers further than the 30 kilometer permanent exclusion zone already established? At this rate, within one more year the permanent exclusion zone will reach 100 kilometers from the plant complex.  Fukushima continues to degrade, and the radiation pollution continues to increase into levels no one could have imagined.  Now that the plants are in melt-thru, any reasonable person would realize that the top 1/3 of Japan’s big Island will no longer be fit for human habitation for thousands of years forward. How many of you knew that Fukushima now poses a risk to humanity that many scientists think may already be 10 times greater than Chernobyl?

With the FED, since the Federal Reserve just released 29,000 pages of documents that detail all the Banks that got $3.3 trillion for free from the FED in 2008.  This is not simple billions, but $33,000 billion, in cash, that the FED just “invented” by simply adding zeros to their and their client/owner banks balance sheets.  Since the FED and all these banks practice fractional reserve banking, that $3.3 trillion added a staggering $33 trillion to the global economy if a ten to one process is used.  The FED at this time in 2011 is extended at fifty-three to one.  Goldman Sachs was extended at over one-hundred to one in 2008.  What numbs minds is these facts.  How does a Private Bank just add 50 to 500 trillion to the global economy with a few strokes of a keyboard, or flourishes of a pen?  While your food, fuel and alcohol prices double in the next 90 to 180 days you can think about how that effects you and your household income.  When you understand any of this very real news, please join us at the Occupy Camp near you, or start one in your own town, city or County Seat.

On Libya…..

Do you think Obama attacked to cover up Fukushima? 

Do you think Obama attacked to stop Gaddafi from releasing a new global currency based on gold and silver?

Do you think Obama attacked to steal the very high grade lite-sweet crud oil from that nation?

Or, do you think Obama attacked because of all three?

The answer?  (all of the above) 

(Source: corbettreport.com)