National call for action on Capitol Hill draws occupiers from across U.S.


For those of you who are unable to attend occupy congress in person on #J17, you can use this service to occupy your congressperson:

Reverse Robocall provides voters an easy way to communicate with one or hundreds of politicians or political groups using the same technology politicians use, the robocall or automated phone call.

Also check out J17 Live for live updates from Occupy Congress.



This link is good for January 17th only - and then will disappear.

The discussions here cover the Occupations Moves into Donated Buildings and Facilities, Coffee Houses, as well as Abandoned Buildings (like the Occupiers are doing across Europe).

Occupy Steve is moving to random break out groups in Washington DC

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Our nation, and our world, is in crisis and our “elected” officials have failed us. They refused to hold their bankrollers—Wall Street—responsible for the financial crimes that bankrupted our nation and destroyed the global economy. This last legislative cycle was the least productive in recorded U.S. history; 90% of the country disapproves of these “elected” officials.

We refuse to accept the grim future that Wall Street’s cronies have designed. We refuse to be the 1%’s captive citizenry. We stand together to show that the 99% are creating a better world.

The 99% will no longer be complacent. Our many voices will be amplified on the steps of Capitol Hill. We shall have a nation by, for, and powered by the people once again. We are building it.

#OccupyCongress is a part of the Occupy movement, which began with Occupy Wall Street on Sept. 17, 2011, in Liberty Square in Manhattan’s Financial District. #Occupy is a people powered movement that has spread to sustained occupations in hundreds of cities in the United States and actions in thousands of cities globally. #Occupy is fighting back against the corrosive power major banks and multinational corporations have over the democratic process, and the role of Wall Street in creating an economic collapse that has caused the greatest depression in generations. The movement is inspired by popular uprisings in Egypt, Tunisia, Spain, Greece, Italy and the UK, and aims to expose how the richest 1% are writing the rules of the global economy and the laws of the land, imposing an agenda of neoliberalism and economic inequality that is foreclosing on our future.

Washington, DC—On January 17 Americans from across the nation and the world will assemble in the shadows of a broken system to participate in real democracy. Click on the photo to read more from the Occupy Movement.

Posted 3 months ago on Sept. 17, 2011, 9:46 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt

This statement is ours, and for anyone who will get behind it. Representing ourselves, we bring this call for revolution.

We want freedom for all, without regards for identity, because we are all people, and because no other reason should be needed. However, this freedom has been largely taken from the people, and slowly made to trickle down, whenever we get angry.

Money, it has been said, has taken over politics. In truth, we say, money has always been part of the capitalist political system. A system based on the existence of have and have nots, where inequality is inherent to the system, will inevitably lead to a situation where the haves find a way to rule, whether by the sword or by the dollar.

We agree that we need to see election reform. However, the election reform proposed ignores the causes which allowed such a system to happen. Some will readily blame the federal reserve, but the political system has been beholden to political machinations of the wealthy well before its founding.

We need to address the core facts: these corporations, even if they were unable to compete in the electoral arena, would still remain control of society. They would retain economic control, which would allow them to retain political control. Term limits would, again, not solve this, as many in the political class already leave politics to find themselves as part of the corporate elites.

We need to retake the freedom that has been stolen from the people, altogether.

  1. If you agree that freedom is the right to communicate, to live, to be, to go, to love, to do what you will without the impositions of others, then you might be one of us.

  2. If you agree that a person is entitled to the sweat of their brows, that being talented at management should not entitle others to act like overseers and overlords, that all workers should have the right to engage in decisions, democratically, then you might be one of us.

  3. If you agree that freedom for some is not the same as freedom for all, and that freedom for all is the only true freedom, then you might be one of us.

  4. If you agree that power is not right, that life trumps property, then you might be one of us.

  5. If you agree that state and corporation are merely two sides of the same oppressive power structure, if you realize how media distorts things to preserve it, how it pits the people against the people to remain in power, then you might be one of us.

And so we call on people to act

  1. We call for protests to remain active in the cities. Those already there, to grow, to organize, to raise consciousnesses, for those cities where there are no protests, for protests to organize and disrupt the system.

  2. We call for workers to not only strike, but seize their workplaces collectively, and to organize them democratically. We call for students and teachers to act together, to teach democracy, not merely the teachers to the students, but the students to the teachers. To seize the classrooms and free minds together.

  3. We call for the unemployed to volunteer, to learn, to teach, to use what skills they have to support themselves as part of the revolting people as a community.

  4. We call for the organization of people’s assemblies in every city, every public square, every township.

  5. We call for the seizure and use of abandoned buildings, of abandoned land, of every property seized and abandoned by speculators, for the people, for every group that will organize them.

We call for a revolution of the mind as well as the body politic.

Occupy hit Logos, the Capitol of Nigeria today…

Nigeria is in General Strike, of the people, by the people, and for the people. The people are demanding the President leave office. Who would we be happy with here in the USA, when we make that same demand? Biden is no good. The Clinton’s ended regulation of the financial markets by stripping away FDR’s Glass Steagle Act, as well as promoted the “Free” Trade Agreements that shipped our jobs to China already. Obama, Emanuel, and Sunstein all demand the end of our Bill of Rights for who? Israel and to cover up the Mossad’s attack on the USA on 9/11?  When will the General Strikes sweep across the USA?

Mic Check! Mike Check!

Global Call to Action!

Global Call to Freely Assemble!!!

January 17th, 2012: Washington DC, USA

Bring your tents, and provisions, and spread the world….

We will Occupy to give our message to Congress:

We are ordinary citizens.

Our elected officials do no represent US.

We are the 99%.

Those who claim election by popular ballot represent only the 1%, and are the 1%.

On December 31st 2011, those in power in our USA, used the cover of darkness and declared war on us as the American People.

Our unified response is to freely assemble to petition our government for redress of this grievance in our massive “Winter Camp of Discontent.”

We call on who ever can afford to come to join up in Peaceful Protest of the abolition of our Bill of Rights in breach of our Constitution.

No American government has the ability to abolish our Bill of Rights against our wishes, and against our common interests as a free people. 

So we assemble January 17th, 2012 in Washington DC, and my personal hope is we discuss and vote to demand retraction of the FISA Warrant-less Wiretaps and Warrant-less Surveillance of Any Citizen in the USA and repeal FISA. I also hope we discuss and vote to demand retraction of the Patriot Act and end the War on Terror. I also hope we discuss and vote to demand retraction of all the provisions of the NDAA of 2012 that place standing American Armies in our domestic borders, and provision the Northcom of the US Military.  I also hope we discuss and vote to demand retraction of all the further provisions of the NDAA of 2012, which void our First Ten Amendments of our Bill of Rights, as we should consider Congress and the President’s actions via H.R. 1540 were and are Acts of Treason against the People of our United States of America, and in opposition to our Constitution our Republic. Who ever brings up these issues is a friend of mine. It is time to present our demands to our government.

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January 17th, 2012, we are setting up camp in Washington DC, on all our Peoples Plazas, as we own our government, and we own our land, and we own our common wealth, and we own our mutual defense and general welfare, and we own our freedom and we own our liberty, with justice for all. We are the People of the United States of America.

Where will you be on January 17th, 2012?