Occupy hit Logos, the Capitol of Nigeria today…

US State Department supports Chinese Slave Prisoner Labor. Walmart sells Chinese prison made goods across our USA.  Clinton & Obama do nothing.  Democrats and GOP support import of Chinese Prison made Christmas Lights for you to buy for your home. Goldman Sachs owns the Port in Los Angeles where the Peoples Republic of China imports to the USA, their Prison Goods made by Chinese Slaves.

In San Francisco, Rose Pak serves as the Agent of the PRC.  Rose Pak, her sponsor in San Francisco Politics, Mayor Willie Brown and their Puppet Mayor Ed Lee all support the PRC Slavery. No one in San Francisco Chinatown will speak out because their families in China will have to go to the Chinese Slave Prisons shown in this 25 minute film. This is why the 1,000 PRC kids in the Community Tenant Association were able to illegally register over 20,000 Chinese Nationals in wholesale voter registration fraud, leading up to the October 10th thru November 8th 2011 illegal elections in San Francisco California.  These 20,000 Chinese Nationals, who are not American Citizens and are not allow to vote in the USA, were allowed to vote by Interim Mayor Ed Lee and DA Gascon. The Mayor and DA allowed these felonies to take place in their Administrations leading up to and including the 30 day voting term, because these 20,000 votes were their votes, that Rose Pak and the PRC delivered in San Francisco.  Supervisor Jane Kim and her political staff were involved as well.  It’s sad to see Stanford Graduates supporting Chinese Slave Prison Camps where over 5 million are slaves.  Not only were the 20,000 Chinese Nationals illegally allowed to register to vote in San Francisco, that same 20,000 illegal voters then voted illegally in wholesale ballot frauds, for the now illegally elected Mayor Ed Lee and the now illegally elected District Attorney George Gascon.

What will DA Gascon do?  Nothing. The November 8th 2011 San Francisco Election had tens of thousands of instances of voter registration fraud.  After these many tens of thousands of PRC illegals were fraudulently registered to vote absentee illegally, then teams of PRC Communist Youth worked the Chinese Nationals under the full knowledge of the Slave Prisons in China for all who opposed them.  All this was done in Chinese Language to keep normal San Franciscans in the dark that our elections were being robbed.  The PRC Students had nothing to loose. They are in San Francisco on Student Visa’s issued by the US State Department. These PRC Agents then set up ballot marking operations on City Sidewalks to collect signatures for the Absentee Ballots, and the blank ballots to mark later in wholesale ballot fraud. This is how Communist PRC Agents were allowed to vote the tens of thousands of absentee ballots they acquired thru felony voter registration fraud.  The District Attorney and Mayor will not look into this, as they were elected this way, illegally.

No one wants to speak up, because of the Chinese Slave Prison Camps in China.  If some one speaks up in San Francisco, their relatives in China will go to Slave Prison on “Administrative Detention” without even a make believe trial.  The PRC does not waste time with trials, when the Police can just take people to Slave Prisons. This is the fate of the Immigrant Chinese in San Francisco who go up against Rose Pak.

This is why Mayor Ed Lee will destroy Occupy San Francisco.  When the Occupation gets to China, there will be real revolution to end Slavery in China. In China, in the PRC, the Communist Party and the Police are the 1%.

What is our one demand?

In New York, David Rockefeller owns “the city”. In London, Evelyn Rothchild owns “The City”. A banner reading ‘Revolution’ is displayed in front of St Paul’s Cathedral in London. The City of London Corporation says it will resume legal action to clear the anti-capitalist camp outside the cathedral, after New York police took down a similar camp. This “Occupation” is crystalizing around the alleged property rights of the 1% who robbed us all, and the property rights of the 99% who were robbed. Its time to end the Terrorist Banker Occupations of our Nations and our Communities - all over the world. In China, the Communist Party is the 1%. In San Francisco, the Mayor who stole the election and Willie Brown are the 1%. Obama is the 1%, as are the G20 - 16 of which are the British Empire - which it’s self is the old Roman Empire, Knights of Malta, Knights Templar and all that crap. What is our one demand?

It is getting clear to me that we (the 99%) need to end private banks, and private banking. We need to replace our complete financial system with public banks, like the State Bank of North Dakota. We need these in every County and State in the USA, and our US Treasury must seize the Federal Reserve Bank. All over the world, people everywhere must seize their Central Banks, and end private banking. Every Central Bank is privately owned, and the 1% own these banks and use these banks as their shield to defend their thievery of our commonwealth and common law as well as our personal wealth and personal property. Our Bill of Rights and our Human Rights are now in conflict with the alleged Property Rights of the 1%. The time is here for a global Debt Jubilee, and the seizure of assets claimed by all the private banks.

We must organize to take the political and economic power away from the 1% and restore these “things” to the 99%.  Receivership works, but not with “their Judges”.  Their Politicians are corrupt.  Soft Corruption and insider trading is the same as organized crime, racketeering (with all or any of the elements necessary to imprison the 1% for 20 year terms) bribes, collusion, and the fraudulent conveyance of public property for private gain, self dealing, and antitrust, secreted and drafted in their board rooms and chambers, and then further shielded in “their Courts”.  We must awaken to the criminal nature of the Judges in all of this.  The Judges must be arrested and prosecuted for collusion. The Politicians must be arrested and prosecuted for collusion as well.  It is not the 1% who need to clean up our Parks.  It is us - all of us, who must remove the 1% from their castles (our future parks and museums) and estates and send them to prison for theft of the commons from our commonwealth.  Of course derivatives are fraudulent instruments of felony.  Of course the global banking and settlement system is organized terrorism, and organized criminal racketeering dressed up as politics and structured private banking processes.  Since fraudulent instruments (derivatives) are the basis of organized crime based on counterfeiting, and the presentation of counterfeit claims on real property, all the felons and the agents of felony need be arrested now.  We have whole governments who need to go to prison.  It’s time.  It’s past time.

As “Occupy Wall Street” marked one month,

Boxun.com, an overseas Chinese community website,
suddenly issued “Tunisia”s Jasmine Revolution Ends,
Occupy Beijing Debuts Quietly.”
The Chinese media, which was once heated over
Occupy Wall Street, immediately hushed.
Related news disappeared from many website home pages.

Through intensive reporting on Occupy Wall Street,
China intended to pound the death knell of capitalism.
However, of all the existing social issues in China
such as inequality and official corruption,
the rampant economic problems caused by the authorities
are just as bad as those existing on Wall Street.
The consequence can be detrimental once the problem erupts.

On the 15th, human rights activists initiated website slogans such as
"Occupy Beijing" and "Calling for Hundreds to go to Linyi City."
The CCP was in shock and finally awoke.

Economist He Qinglian stated on Weibo, one of the most popular
websites in China, that for years criticism from the U.S.
government and media has been constantly targeting Chinese human
rights, politics, and media control, because they are the facts.
Beijing, on the contrary, has not had much to say other than that
"U.S. fears the strengthening China, and U.S. intends to stop the rise of China."
Finally in mid September, Beijing seemed to finally
have a chance at revenge, the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Economist Cheng Xiaonong said that the CCP Publicity
Department has always seized on any problem existing in the U.S.
and refer to it as the demise of capitalism, in order to convince
people that the Communist Party will be able to continue on.
However, they stumbled this time.

Cheng Xiaonong: “The CCP Publicity Department was foolish.
They did not think this matter would be of interest to the general public.
Thinking of larger issues in China, the Chinese started
talking about Occupy Beijing and Occupy Nanjing.
As talk spread over the internet, the Chinese government was horrified.
They immediately changed the Occupy Wall Street report, and ,
stated that it does not represent the majority of the Americans.”

Tiananmen Square activist Yang Jianli said
Occupy Wall Street is a social and cultural movement.
It reveals the dark side of the world financial system.
However, the darkest financial system is in China.
The greatest disparity of wealth also exists in China.
This cultural idea is extremely unfavorable to the Chinese government.
China has come to a critical point.
Any event could turn into a large-scale mass movement.

Yang Jianli: “Chen Guangcheng’s (the blind civil rights activist
from Linyi) case has drawn many people’s attention.
I believe it is because this case possesses a fundamental quality,
a quality that could develop into a nation-wide protest.
As for how it’s going to further develop,
it depends on both sides of the game.
Occupy Wall Street movement could turn into a national protest,
and finally evolve into a demand to the system. “

Internet users stated that for these two days,
any form of unofficial public gathering in China are taboo.
Online search of Occupy Beijing yields irrelevant results.

People joked that recently whatever the CCP fears the most
seems to always happen.

NTD Reporters Chang Chun, Li Ting and Zhu Di


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Occupy China video footage of the Beijing event and the police response.  Looks like NYC and the NYPD!

Launched in mid-September in the U.S., a campaign of
'Occupy Wall Street' swiftly spreads all over the world.

So far, nearly 900 cities in Japan, Germany, Korea,
Taiwan and Hong Kong, among other regions,

have responded. Even mainland China got involved
in low profile. Chinese netizens launched on Facebook

an activity of ‘Occupy Beijing,’ but the words immediately
became sensitive words online.

With the global wave of ‘Occupy,’ Chinese netizens
called on to ‘Occupy Beijing’ on Facebook,

making the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)
authorities nervous.

This comes amid the period of the Sixth Plenary Session
of 17th CCP Central Committee.

At Beijing’s Financial Street, its own Wall Street,
police presence noticeably increased.

The term ‘Occupy Beijing’ has been blocked on
Sina microblog and Baidu Post Bar.

In the latter, even ‘Occupy Wall Street’
cannot be searched.

Back to the earlier photos published on Wyzxsx.com,
a left-wing website, shows that on October 6,

hundreds of citizens in Zhengzhou, Henan province,
gathered holding white cloth strips

to support the Wall Street revolution in the U.S.

Many elderly locals attended the assembly,
their arms tied with red cloth strips,

which had “Supporting the Wall Street Revolution”
written on them. Leaflets were distributed at the site.

Radio France Internationale reported of CCP official media,
such as Xinhua News Agency, publishing many reports

about the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ campaign in the U.S.
But in mainland major media there is almost no coverage

of the mass assembly in Zhengzhou.
On Baidu, China’s renowned portal website,

one cannot find posts in response
to the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement.

Is it possible for the global wave of ‘Occupy’ to spread
to mainland China? What is the future of the movement?

Liu Qing, a renowned U.S.-based rights activist,
and ex-president of ‘Human Rights in China,’

thinks that the ‘Occupy’ campaign in a democratic country
is fundamentally different from that in an authoritarian state.

Liu Qing (Ex-President, ‘Human Rights in China’) :
"This dissatisfaction is completely different

from that of the Chinese civilians. You clearly hear the
Chinese speak out “CCP is fascist,” and “dictatorship.”

They are negating the current regime,
a complete rejection of CCP as an institution.

But in the U.S., civilians are not negating the institution,
but asking for a solution to the concrete problems.

So they have fundamentally different nature.”

Liu analyzed that in democratic countries in Europe and
America, although the masses initiate all kinds of protests

to express their dissatisfaction with the government,
they can have these problems resolved,

through constitutional means, in the Parliament
or by the highest judicial authorities.

Liu Qing: “Democracy is like a pendulum. It keep swinging
until reaches a reasonable solution for the civilians,

including their rights. But what an authoritarian state does
is to control, suppress and persecute civilians.”

Chinese constitutional scholar Chen Miao, told Voice of
Germany that although the CCP authorities’ propaganda

seemingly commented on these movements in a quipped
way, it in fact should have much inner tension.

It can’t be ruled out that the CCP regime, along with other
authoritarian states, are readily prepared for tough response.

As to the ‘Occupy Beijing,’ movement,
it will probably go through several twists and turns.

NTD reporters Chang Chun, Lin Huixin and Zhou Tian


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While Homeland Security is getting nervous in the USA about the growing Occupy Movement, the Movement continues to grow world wide.  #Occupy Taipei is in the streets protesting the 18% interest government employees make in China while the 99% get maybe 1% interest.  What interests me is that the protests have spread to China, just when Beijing wants to unify China.  Do they really?  Occupy Beijing!  (smile)

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