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Occupy protesters declare Goldman Sachs guilty
Gianna Palmer McClatchy Newspapers

last updated: November 04, 2011 08:02:11 AM NEW YORK

In the latest round of demonstrations calling for corporate accountability, 16 Occupy Wall Street protesters were arrested in front of the global headquarters of Goldman Sachs in lower Manhattan.

A New York Police Department spokesperson confirmed that nine men and seven women were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. The protest began with a mock trial of the giant investment firm at 10 a.m. in Zuccotti Park, the protesters' base. During "A People's Hearing of Goldman Sachs," a group gathered to hear testimony from people who shared stories of how they were directly affected by Goldman Sachs' influence on financial markets. Civil rights activist and Princeton professor Cornel West also spoke at the panel, as did journalists Chris Hedges and Nomi Prins.

A five-month McClatchy investigation in 2009 revealed how Goldman Sachs peddled billions of dollars in shaky securities tied to subprime mortgages on unsuspecting pension funds, insurance companies and other investors when it concluded that the housing bubble would burst. Shortly before noon, the protesters began to make their way to 200 West St., Goldman's headquarters. "Banks got bailed out, we got sold out," the protesters chanted as they walked. Some drummed, other held signs. One protester held a piece of cardboard that read simply, "GREED." Another said: "Goldman Sucks." Police with plastic handcuffs dangling from their belts walked alongside the demonstrators as they marched north on Church Street, past the National September 11 Memorial. The group arrived at the Goldman Sachs building just before 12:30 p.m. At least 19 police offers stood on the pedestrian walkway watching as protesters blocked the front entrance of the building and delivered their "guilty" verdict. Soon, a white-shirted police officer entered the crowd with a megaphone and asked the protesters to leave. By this time, a small group had sat in a circle on the ground. "You will be arrested, I repeat, you will be arrested," the officer told the group when they stayed sitting, arms linked. The majority of people moved to a nearby walkway. "We stopped listening to orders, when will you?" a man shouted in the direction of the police, who were now gathered around the remaining group, all of whom would be arrested. Among the first was activist Bill Talen, commonly known as Reverend Billy an activist actor who was led away in plastic cuffs. The arrests were largely a nonviolent affair, though some protesters struggled as the officers picked them up by their hands and feet. "First Amendment rights, First Amendment rights," one woman shouted as she was handcuffed and led away to nearby police vans.

By 1 p.m., all of protesters in front of the Goldman Sachs entrance had been arrested. The same white-shirted officer then warned the remaining crowd of protesters that they were obstructing pedestrian and vehicular traffic and would be subject to arrest if they stayed. The crowd slowly marched away, as a handful of employees in the Goldman Sachs building stood by the windows watching the protesters from several floors up. Police on foot and on motorcycles followed the group back to Zuccotti Park. "The police as an institution are in a position where they're protecting the real criminals, the people who are responsible for the economic state of the world right now," said Zack Rosen, 22, as he was leaving Goldman Sachs headquarters. Rosen, who was previously arrested in another Occupy Wall Street protest, said he thought the demonstration "went great."


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The protests against military rule spread to at least seven other cities, including Alexandria and Suez. The health ministry said at least seven people were reported killed Sunday, after one died Saturday, and the number of seriously injured grew to more than 900. Other reports put the death toll as high as 11. A makeshift field hospital the protesters had set up in a mosque near the square treated a steady stream of hundreds bloodied by birdshot and rubber bullets and recorded at least one of the fatalities.

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.The US Day of Rage held despite police presence
Sun Sep 18, 2011 4:6PM GMT
Anti-capitalist protesters have continued their rally against U.S. corporatism in New York despite heavy police presence in the U.S. financial hub.

Protesters in New York prepared to bed down in Zuccotti Park, a park a few blocks away from Wall Street. Several hundred protesters remained after the anti-capitalist protest that began at noon on Saturday. The protesters had hoped to “Occupy Wall Street,” but were kept away by a large but benevolent police presence. Storyful

For months the protesters had planned to descend on Wall Street on a Saturday and occupy parts of it as an expression of anger over a financial system that they say favors the rich and powerful at the expense of ordinary citizens

September 18, 2011
(NATIONAL) — Some left of center websites and bloggers are not happy that there has been virtually no media coverage by the big corporate news outfits on the “Days of Rage” protests Saturday, yet by comparison every time Sarah Palin sneezes a national news story pops up, or so goes the argument.

"Most Americans are being kept in the dark about the US Day of Rage by the corporate cable news giants at CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC who have imposed a de facto blackout on the protest," complained politicususa.com in a story about the protests and lack of coverage.

The left of center website said even though estimates have varied from hundreds to as many as tens of thousands that came to Manhattan and others cities around the country to nonviolently disrupt the “disloyal, incompetent, and corrupt special interests which have usurped our nation’s civil and military power, spawning a host of threats to our liberty, lives and national security,” the three cable news networks devoted no airtime to the story.

The bigger complaint is, according to the website, that this sort of non-coverage of events that challenge corporate America is becoming all too familiar.

"In Wisconsin hundreds of thousands of regular people took to the streets each weekend to protest the theft of their rights, and were completely ignored by CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC. Sarah Palin’s Iowa tea party speech was 1/50 as big as the Wisconsin protests, yet she was deemed worthy of national media coverage," said the report which you can read here.

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Updates on Occupy Wall Street Protests
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Anti-Capitalist Movement

This weekend, people converged on New York City and Wall Street for a new round of protests against international capitalism. The time is ripe for a rejuvenated anti-capitalist movement, given the global economic crisis, the expanding class war by the rich against the poor, and economic austerity measures being inflicted on working people. Even New York mayor Bloomberg is warning that economic riots are coming to the United States.

The Occupy Wall Street protest was called by Adbusters magazine and includes other groups.

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