Using Art to talk about Occupy!

Help the People of Egypt! Friday, November 25th: NYC Rally corner of 6th Ave. and 56th St.(1370 Avenue of the Americas) Stop the shipments of US Toxic Gas to the Military in Egypt. Pass this on… 

US State Department supports Chinese Slave Prisoner Labor. Walmart sells Chinese prison made goods across our USA.  Clinton & Obama do nothing.  Democrats and GOP support import of Chinese Prison made Christmas Lights for you to buy for your home. Goldman Sachs owns the Port in Los Angeles where the Peoples Republic of China imports to the USA, their Prison Goods made by Chinese Slaves.

In San Francisco, Rose Pak serves as the Agent of the PRC.  Rose Pak, her sponsor in San Francisco Politics, Mayor Willie Brown and their Puppet Mayor Ed Lee all support the PRC Slavery. No one in San Francisco Chinatown will speak out because their families in China will have to go to the Chinese Slave Prisons shown in this 25 minute film. This is why the 1,000 PRC kids in the Community Tenant Association were able to illegally register over 20,000 Chinese Nationals in wholesale voter registration fraud, leading up to the October 10th thru November 8th 2011 illegal elections in San Francisco California.  These 20,000 Chinese Nationals, who are not American Citizens and are not allow to vote in the USA, were allowed to vote by Interim Mayor Ed Lee and DA Gascon. The Mayor and DA allowed these felonies to take place in their Administrations leading up to and including the 30 day voting term, because these 20,000 votes were their votes, that Rose Pak and the PRC delivered in San Francisco.  Supervisor Jane Kim and her political staff were involved as well.  It’s sad to see Stanford Graduates supporting Chinese Slave Prison Camps where over 5 million are slaves.  Not only were the 20,000 Chinese Nationals illegally allowed to register to vote in San Francisco, that same 20,000 illegal voters then voted illegally in wholesale ballot frauds, for the now illegally elected Mayor Ed Lee and the now illegally elected District Attorney George Gascon.

What will DA Gascon do?  Nothing. The November 8th 2011 San Francisco Election had tens of thousands of instances of voter registration fraud.  After these many tens of thousands of PRC illegals were fraudulently registered to vote absentee illegally, then teams of PRC Communist Youth worked the Chinese Nationals under the full knowledge of the Slave Prisons in China for all who opposed them.  All this was done in Chinese Language to keep normal San Franciscans in the dark that our elections were being robbed.  The PRC Students had nothing to loose. They are in San Francisco on Student Visa’s issued by the US State Department. These PRC Agents then set up ballot marking operations on City Sidewalks to collect signatures for the Absentee Ballots, and the blank ballots to mark later in wholesale ballot fraud. This is how Communist PRC Agents were allowed to vote the tens of thousands of absentee ballots they acquired thru felony voter registration fraud.  The District Attorney and Mayor will not look into this, as they were elected this way, illegally.

No one wants to speak up, because of the Chinese Slave Prison Camps in China.  If some one speaks up in San Francisco, their relatives in China will go to Slave Prison on “Administrative Detention” without even a make believe trial.  The PRC does not waste time with trials, when the Police can just take people to Slave Prisons. This is the fate of the Immigrant Chinese in San Francisco who go up against Rose Pak.

This is why Mayor Ed Lee will destroy Occupy San Francisco.  When the Occupation gets to China, there will be real revolution to end Slavery in China. In China, in the PRC, the Communist Party and the Police are the 1%.

What is our one demand?


Open Letter to Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi

18 November 2011

Open Letter to Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi

Linda P.B. Katehi,

I am a junior faculty member at UC Davis. I am an Assistant Professor in the Department…

As a graduate of the University of California, and Lifetime Member of our Alumni Association, and as an Adult who understands the difference between right and wrong, I call for Chancellor of the University of California at the Davis Campus Linda P.B. Katehi to resign immediately, due to her gross negligence, abuse of office, felonious actions under the color of law, and crimes against Humanity.  The UC Davis Police who carried out these felonies ordered by Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi are violent felons and need be removed from their jobs as Police for such gross negligence. All the Alumni Association should join with me in at this time in our public condemnation of this conduct by Chancellor Katehi.  At no point in the operations of our Public University of California, as the most esteemed community of higher education in the world, shall any University of California Executive act with similar disregard to human safety, common decency and with such wanton disrespect of our American Bill of Rights.

With the exact same laser beam focus on what is acceptable conduct from our public servants and what is unacceptable conduct, I call on Mayor Jean Quan of Oakland to resign immediately as well.  Mayor Quan has committed felony violations of the People’s Law which include great acts of physical violence against the Occupy Oakland Citizen Participants in Free and Open Assembly and their use of their Free Speech. Clearly, any Occupation is Free Speech.  It is a shame the people’s governments have served the 1% in excess, and breached their duty to the Peoples Rule of Law, for so long, that events have come to this point where revolution maybe the only viable solution forward to official misconduct. Regardless, violence against the people will not be tolerated by the people.  Violence against the people is fascism.  I for one reject fascism.  I reject any and all claim to authority by fascists, including Mayor Quan and Chancellor Katehi. Both must resign at this time, and remain in the area pending investigation and probable arrest.

The People wait on the arrests and arraignment of the Police Officers who have committed the felonies evidenced on video tape, comprising gross violence against the People at Occupations of UC Davis UC Berkeley, and at Oakland.

A stalemate has settled over the Egyptian capital’s Tahrir Square following a day of deadly clashes between security forces and protesters. The square, which has been the scene of street battles between riot police and activists demanding an end to Egypt’s military leadership, was relatively calm on Sunday night after protesters regained control of the area and began calling for reinforcements. Al Jazeera’s Ghida Fakhry speaks to Egyptian journalist Hossam El-Hamalawy, who is with the Revolutionary Socialists in Cairo.

The general realization in Egypt is they need to now get rid of the Military Council of the 1% before they can talk of free elections

In the USA our elections are not free. The voting is rife with voter registration fraud, ballot fraud caused thru tens of thousands of fake absentee ballots, and central tabulation software from Microsoft, that is used to “count” the phony votes.  So, like Egypt we have problems with any democratic vote outside our General Assemblies.


Proposal for a Coordinated West Coast Port Shutdown, Passed With Unanimous Consensus by vote of the Occupy Oakland General Assembly 11/18/2012:

In response to coordinated attacks on the occupations and attacks on workers across the nation:

Occupy Oakland calls for the blockade and disruption of the economic apparatus of the 1% with a coordinated shutdown of ports on the entire West Coast on December 12th. The 1% has disrupted the lives of longshoremen and port truckers and the workers who create their wealth, just as coordinated nationwide police attacks have turned our cities into battlegrounds in an effort to disrupt our Occupy movement.

We call on each West Coast occupation to organize a mass mobilization to shut down its local port. Our eyes are on the continued union-busting and attacks on organized labor, in particular the rupture of Longshoremen jurisdiction in Longview Washington by the EGT. Already, Occupy Los Angeles has passed a resolution to carry out a port action on the Port Of Los Angeles on December 12th, to shut down SSA terminals, which are owned by Goldman Sachs.

Occupy Oakland expands this call to the entire West Coast, and calls for continuing solidarity with the Longshoremen in Longview Washington in their ongoing struggle against the EGT. The EGT is an international grain exporter led by Bunge LTD, a company constituted of 1% bankers whose practices have ruined the lives of the working class all over the world, from Argentina to the West Coast of the US. During the November 2nd General Strike, tens of thousands shutdown the Port Of Oakland as a warning shot to EGT to stop its attacks on Longview. Since the EGT has disregarded this message, and continues to attack the Longshoremen at Longview, we will now shut down ports along the entire West Coast.

Participating occupations are asked to ensure that during the port shutdowns the local arbitrator rules in favor of longshoremen not crossing community picket lines in order to avoid recriminations against them. Should there be any retaliation against any workers as a result of their honoring pickets or supporting our port actions, additional solidarity actions should be prepared. In the event of police repression of any of the mobilizations, shutdown actions may be extended to multiple days.

In Solidarity and Struggle,

Occupy Oakland

- In Oakland: the West Coast Port Shutdown Coordinating Committee will meet on General Assembly days at 5pm before the GA to organize the local shutdown, and to network with other occupations.

The 99%’s Deficit Proposal: How to create jobs, reduce the wealth divide and control spending: Behind This Link is the full text of the 99% Deficit Proposal.  We want this read to the full Congress, both House and Senate before any consideration of the planned up or down vote that will destroy us all and ruin our economy.

Please click here to sign the petition.  Then reblog, share, tweet and make some “Coast to Coast Noise”.  

If you are on the West Coast, we are shutting down the Ports in Los Angeles, Oakland and Seattle on December 12th.  

Occupy Oakland took a new home space today at 19th and Telegraph.  The call went out in coordination with Occupy Los Angeles to shut down the West Coast Ports of the USA on December 12th.