Heads Up San Francisco!



MON SEPT 17, 5pm, 2012

555 California St @ Kearny St, SF

Celebrate one year of occupy resistance.

Commit in the coming year to keep building a movement of the 99% to end the rule of the 1%.


555 California (B of A and Goldman Sachs) @ Keary (Montgomery BART)

* Honor Foreclosure Fighters; Show love and support to those fighting the banks and winning–over 52 homes have been saved from foreclosure evictions and 300 auctions cancelled since January!

* Brass Liberation Orchestra

* March 

* Casserole (Bring Pots, Pans and Spoons-like Argentina, Iceland and Quebec anti-1% austerity uprisings)


California @ Montgomery

* Debt Burning (Bring Debt Papers (BYOD) to Burn Symbolically),
* Guerrilla Movies of the last year, live update from Wall St/NYC

* Food (bring some to share), bring a blanket to sit on. 


Debt affects us all. Student debt, mortgage debt, health care debt, credit-card debt, and more: debt is the tie that binds the 99%, and it is a primary engine of Wall Street profits. Debt is ruining the lives of individuals, families, and communities while banks get bailed out. We say enough! Join us as we begin to build a people’s movement to strike debt, break the chains of debt, and to create new bonds of solidarity. –StrikeDebt.org, Occupy Wall St.

All Afternoon: OCCUPY THE BANKS! Speak out, move your money, take creative nonviolent action with your neighbors, group, friends, co-workers or classmates. Join one of the neighborhood bank action! Action are below and a full schedule is here:



555 California Street between Montgomery and Kearny

Occupy Bay Area United will initiate a 24 hour occupation to protest financial malfeasance of corporations including Goldman Sachs and Bank of America.



SUPPORT: Robert, a 92-year-old Navy vet has lived in his Vis Valley home since 1972. Don & Tina Baird have lived in their Redwood City home since 1966. Don served in the US Coast Guard in the Pacific, and will turn 90 this month, facing foreclosure Sept 24th. He has heart surgery on Sept 27th. Benjamin Reed, a Tuskegee Air Man, and his wife Irma have lived Twin Peaks for 27 years. 

San Francisco War Memorial Building, 401 Van Ness Ave


Gather @ Bradley Manning/Justin Herman Plaza, take to streets @ 2pm



An afternoon of celebration and defiance; Divest from big banks, No More Evictions/Foreclosures–including those with HIV/AIDS!

@ 18th and Castro: Community speak out!

3pm-4pm: March on banks, sit-in at Harvey Milk Plaza to denounce Sit/Lie and the criminalization of homelessness.




One Market Plaza, Spear Tower, San Francisco, CA 94105

A multi-billion-dollar corporation–who is throwing our neighbors out of their homes–run by vulture capitalists like Peter Briger, FIG Board Co-Chair, who developed their “Financial Services Garbage Collection” strategy. Who’s the garbage according to Briger? That’s homeowners in foreclosure, students who can’t pay their loans, etc.  Bring a large garbage bag if you can!


Wells Fargo Bank, 2100 Fillmore Street (at California)

Occupella occupy with songs and info about moving accounts to credit unions. Meet on the other side of California Street–Royal Ground Coffee. We need both singers and folks to hand out Move Your Money fliers.



PG & E, 245 Market St.@ Main St

OccupySF Environmental Justice Work Group will meet up at PG&E headquarters with our anti-fracking banner, Shut Down, Not Meltdown signs, and our “Compost your Debt!” flag. We will march to 555 California Street to join in the festivities and actions there beginning at 5 pm.

Sponsored by Foreclosure Fighters of Occupy Bernal, ACCE and Occupy Noe, Occupy SF Direct Action Work Group, Occupy Education–Northern California, Occupy Action Council SF, Occupride/Community Not Commodity, Occupy Monterey, Occupy Santa Cruz, Occupy Bay Area United, Occupy SF Environmental Justice Work Group, SF 99% Coalition, Occupy SF Housing Coalition

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Nobel: I’m very concerned, as many scientist are, because elevated levels of radioactive contamination has been detected throughout Japan — and which is almost even worse, is that also in Hawaii and in the Western United States, particularly in the water and milk sources. […]

[…] a co-founder and former Chairman of the Nobel Charitable Trust, and most commonly known for his part in developing the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). […] Dr. Nobel is a consultant on energy issues and gives regular keynote lectures on the subject. He serves as a guest professor at the Solutions Science Research Laboratory at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, University of Japan, one of the world’s foremost institutions in its field. […]

Full track of Dylan’s “Early Roman Kings” Find out what “early Roman Kings” refers to here: http://iroots.org/2012/08/08/first-listen-bob-dylans-tempest/Clue, it’s not ancient Rome…

Mayor Elect Ed Lee robbed his own election in November of 2011. A well organized crime family used voter registration frauds and absentee ballot frauds to create 10,000 to 20,000 illegal votes. The FBI did nothing. The US Attorney did nothing. California Attorney General Kamala Harris was in on it, along with Willie Brown, Rose Pak and others. Ed Lee (Mayor), George Gascon (District Attorney) and Kamala Harris (past District Attorney and now California State Attorney General) would never have been elected in 2011, were it not for these felonies. There was central tabulation fraud as well, that took place in the basement of San Francisco City Hall. November 8th 2011. These crimes compound the election funding felonies, extortions, and wholesale violations of the ethics laws. Neither Harris as AG nor Gascon as DA will investigate and prosecute!

What is worse? Could stealing elections get worse? 

Mayor Lee, Willie Brown, Rose Pak (a non-registered agent of the Peoples Republic of China), George Gascon, City Attorney Dennis Herrera, US Senator Diane Feinstein, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, and Kamala Harris, and others have all lined up quietly behind Mayor Ed Lee as he now tries to steal an elected office from Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi. This is organized crime.

San Francisco better wake up to the organized crime going on at City Hall! The Parkmerced Project is a multi-billion dollar illegal destruction of rent controlled homes, as well as a demolition of one of our FDR designed historic neighborhoods. This plan to build high price housing right next to SF State University, while delivering no new student housing is pure greed, brought on by graft, and wholesale Civil Rights and ADA violations of law. 

The Lennar/Hunters Point and Lennar/Treasure Island Developments are worse. Public Property is being robbed in the thefts of tens of billions if not hundreds of billions of dollars in public property, in the criminal fraudulent conveyance of public trusts for private gain. The rich and powerful apparently believe they can get away with murder. 

We need to organize to stop these thefts of public property. 

Please do your own homework and support Hope Johnson who is running for Supervisor in District 5, and Lynn Gavin who is running for Supervisor in District 7. 

Members of the State Bar have filed complaints with the State Bar to Disbar Mayor Edwin Mah Lee for crimes of moral turpitude, corruption, as well as perjury. Given the facts that Kamala Harris is so close to President Obama, and the fact that she is California’s AG, as well as the fact that San Francisco District Attorney Gascon is running local coverup and misprison of felony, it is up to us as voters to organize and throw the bums out!

I am a Democrat. Regardless, we as voters of all stripes need to organize to Recall the Money Machine and throw the bums out! We need a new City Attorney in San Francisco, and Matt Gonzalez looks interested in that job. This is good news. We need to rally to support Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi now, in his trial before the Board of Supervisors. 

Google Sunshine Case 11048. Educate your self. Some of us are trying hard and we all need to rally together. Drop the factions and lets get rid of organized crime in San Francisco. The more we can indict the better, as there are 300 to 500 who belong in prison, including Willie Brown.

(Source: mayorcurrier.com)

Enough is Enough: RECALL THE MACHINE

On July 31st, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors finally took public comment on the issue of removing elected officials from office. Ever since the Ethics Commission illegally blocked Sunshine Ordinance Task Force Case #11048, which was sent to the full Ethics Commission on March 13th 2012, and opened up Mayor Ed Lee’s March 21st charges against Elected Sheriff Mirkarimi of “Official Misconduct” the Ethics Commission has been operating illegally in “Rogue Mode.”

From March 21st 2012 forward, the Ethics Commission established illegal processes on the fly. The SF-EC then moved into their new process that conducts business illegally, starting on March 26th 2012, and is still on-going. The Ethics Commission takes action on items that are not on any agenda. This violates the Federal ADA law, as no Disabled Person can plan to, take action, and actually participate in the operations of our local government. This illegal action by the local government acting in R.I.C.O. collusion across staff’s; across departments; across commissions; and across the offices of elected officials is felony criminal racketeering. This is wholesale criminal violation of many federal laws, which include: Civil Rights; ADA; R.I.C.O.; as well as the criminal violations of California State Law regarding the rules for conducting public meetings, controlling and insuring access to public documents and information, and denial of due process.

Since June 19th, the San Francisco Ethics Commission has:

1.) Systematically processed huge decisions-of-actions that merited public comment;

2.) Operated public meetings illegally without minutes;

3.) Operated public meetings illegally without agendas;

4.) Held public meetings illegally without providing public access to documents, especially which delivered hardship, with malice, upon disabled people;

5.) Operated public meetings illegally without ADA access to reasonable accommodations;

6.) Operated public meetings illegally without any public comments allowed, to specific agenda items, on the days of those items, nor would the City allow public comments on illegal non-agenda items. One such specific set of criminal acts took place on July 30th 2012 at the Land Use Committee, on Item #1 from that meeting, and which was then acted on July 31st, 2012 illegally, by the full Board of Supervisors, in another separate criminal act(s), committed by the full Board, which mirrored the same pattern of illegal racketeering used on May 24th of 2011, now known as Sunshine Ordinance Task Force Case #11048. In SOTF Case #11048, in the public record, the City Attorney admitted that they and the Office of the Mayor, including Mayor’s Newsom, and Lee used this same pattern of illegal racketeering to push thru on HOPE SF, the Hunters Point - Lennar Development, and the Treasure Island - Lennar Development.

7.) At no point have the Ethics Commission, nor the Board of Supervisors allowed the 150 word, previously drafted comments for the record to be inserted and interjected into the record, to preserve the right to dissent by the citizens, and memorialize the protected political free speech of San Franciscans, in wholesale violations of the civil rights of the citizens of San Francisco, and any body else who seeks to participate in our democracy. On at least four occasions the Sunshine Ordinance Task Force has issued Orders of Determination on this exact point - the right to insert 150 word written comment into the minutes of any public meeting in our City & County of San Francisco.

8.) Censored the records of public meetings illegally without mention of the specific dissent prepared into 150 word statements to have been included in the minutes, regardless of whether the Commissioners, City Attorney, Mayor or Board of Supervisors likes the protected political free speech;

9.) UNFORTUNATELY, there are too many meetings of the Ethics Commission, that are covered in the umbrella of excuse, that the EC is in “Hearings Mode”, where no access to public records was nor is allowed, in any timely manner, so that any Disabled Persons can participate as legally entitled to by right!

The many issues of Racketeering by the Mayor, the City Attorney, the District Attorney, their staffs, and commissions, are felonies. The pattern of felony constitutes all the elements of Criminal Felony R.I.C.O.

The many issues of Racketeering by the Board of Supervisors, the Mayor, the City Attorney, and the District Attorney, along with their staffs, and commissions, are also  patterns of felony, which also constitute all the required elements of Criminal Felony R.I.C.O. as outlawed in the United States Code. 

These patterns of felonious conduct by our elected officials are far more than “Official Misconduct.” These patterns of crime are organized crime. We need to look at each other now, as we are the voters responsible to RECALL THIS MACHINE!!!

(Source: mayorcurrier.com)

This is a stencil graphic for you to print out, cut out and use for chalk art at any of the demonstrations you attend forward. Have fun and remember, if you don’t like the news, go out and make some of your own. 

Click here for the image link!

The Russians want to put these artists in prison for seven years for this?

Stand or Dance with Pussy Riot!

Occupy the Russian Embassy near you! 


Police claim this unarmed man shot himself in the head while handcuffed (?!)
August 1, 2012

A Southaven man is shot while handcuffed in the back of a police car. Chavis Carter was killed in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Officers say Carter committed suicide. Carter’s family doesn’t believe it and they want answer

“It hurts too bad,” says his mom Theresa Rudd.

“I don’t believe this was an accident. I know my son. He’s not suicidal. He wouldn’t have taken his own life,” says dad Charles Douglas. “Under the circumstances they say this happened it’s impossible.”

According to cops, Carter was restrained in the back of a squad car Saturday night when he shot himself in the head.

“He was handcuffed behind his back,” says Sergeant Lyle Waterworth. He adds cops were a little more than a car length away when they “reported hearing a sound. They were not sure what the sound was.” 

That is until they found Carter bleeding, a gun lying near him. Officers say they searched him twice before the shooting, never finding a gun.

“He was ever suicidal, never,” says his aunt Bobbie Miller. “He wouldn’t have ever done it.”

“They (cops) have a job to do. I understand that,” says Douglas. “But if you have a badge and put that badge on to protect and serve, that’s all people. Not some. They know the truth. That’s all we want to know is the truth.”

The two officers involved are on administrative leave while the department is investigating. Carter’s family members say they aren’t going to stop asking questions.


So… an unarmed handcuffed man shot himself dead? Outrageous. The Carter family deserves to know the truth about how their son died. 

This sounds like what Mayor Ed Lee has in mind for use across San Francisco with his New York inspired “Stop & Frisk” program.

Who wants to help start a Pirate Party in San Francisco as part of the new Pirate Party in California?