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Ace Hoffman:
Dear Sleepy Public,

We tried to warn you. We really did! We tried soooo hard to warn you about something like Fukushima Daiichi! But you didn’t listen.

Well — unless you live in Northern Japan — YOU get a second chance! Please listen this time!

In this video, a couple of Southern California activists discuss San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, and Ace Hoffman displays some of his nuke-related internet animations, which prove that the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear catastrophe was predicted and expected, and that similar accidents at other nuclear power plants are inevitable unless we shut the power plants down for good.

Nuclear power is a failed “experiment” which has cost too many lives and caused too much harm. The nuclear industry has had too many failures, too many times. They have not kept their promises. They have obfuscated the facts.

The National Academy of Sciences published a book about Chernobyl last year (2010) indicating nearly a million deaths from that accident. Fukushima will probably exceed that. (Yesterday, March 29th, 2011, it was reported that one reactor core at Fukushima has melted through its pressure vessel. This is an ongoing tragedy at this time (and will be for the rest of eternity).)

Another Fukushima/Chernobyl can happen in an instant at ANY nuclear power plant anywhere in the world. And as for the new “safer” designs for reactors? Forget them too!

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Some of the images in this video were supplied by Marsha Joyner. Activists shown speaking are Jerry Collamer and Gary Headrick, San Clemente Green. Our thanks to everyone who has helped with this video and the software products demonstrated, including Beyond Nuclear, NIRS/WISE and many other organizations. We support them but cannot possibly list them all here!

Please tell your friends to watch this video!

Please tell your friends to tell their friends to watch this video!

Together we can end this nightmare before it gets any worse.

On Fukushima Beach (Full)

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Nobel: I’m very concerned, as many scientist are, because elevated levels of radioactive contamination has been detected throughout Japan — and which is almost even worse, is that also in Hawaii and in the Western United States, particularly in the water and milk sources. […]

[…] a co-founder and former Chairman of the Nobel Charitable Trust, and most commonly known for his part in developing the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). […] Dr. Nobel is a consultant on energy issues and gives regular keynote lectures on the subject. He serves as a guest professor at the Solutions Science Research Laboratory at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, University of Japan, one of the world’s foremost institutions in its field. […]

"WOW SHE made it so nice" - Kevin Blanch

The USA murdered the atomic veterans…. 




Drafted, kids, American Kids, drafted, set up, murdered…..

40,000 killed by the atomic tests, as human guinea pigs… 

Fed LSD to try to kill their memories of the blasts…

blasts (plural)

Died of leukemia… all 40,000 died of leukemia.


Just like all that were and are being exposed at Fukushima….

Genocide of American Citizens!

Genocide of the Japanese People…. 

G E N O C I D E ! ! ! 

The accumulative nature of CANCER in relation to environmental poising brought to you by the great conservative movement, class war of epic proportions….

500 days of Fukushima the Nuclear meltdown the first 500 days by kevin d blanch

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"As another researcher notes, “[l]ow-dose radiation will sicken and kill a number of people over time.” Even though the science is “well established… the consensus around this hypothesis [that there is no safe dose of radiation] dissipates as one moves from the realm of science to the world of policy making.”26 Thus: the battle of political interests versus scientific integrity.” - from the article…

Capitol Forum’s Tom Ritter interviews Arnie Gundersen of Fairewinds Energy Education in order to update listeners about the status of Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant and the public outcry against the restart of the Oi nuclear power plant in Japan’s Kansai region. Arnie and Tom discuss the civil disobedience exhibited by the Japanese citizens against the production of nuclear energy in the wake of this restart following the Fukushima Daiichi triple meltdown. This interview also discusses the ongoing spread of radiation around the world and Japan’s contaminated food supply.

Arnie Gundersen / Fairewinds:
in Japanese:

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How are the activities of those who design and operate nuclear reactors as well as nuclear storage facilities in any way private? How are the operations of companies extracting oil from, say, the Gulf of Mexico or the Tar Sands of Alberta, in any way private? What is private about the assaults on ecology and public health that have been shown to occur regularly and on a massive scale in the industrial transformation of matter into energy? Who is supposed to pay for the clean up when supposedly-private corporations mess up? Who is to be held liable in societies where the for-profit corporations have been legally structured around the concept of limited liability?
Dr. Anthony J. Hall: From Hiroshima to Fukushima, 1945-2011

Nuclear News and Updates:………


Nuclear Regulatory Commission daily reports (what’s happening at nuclear plants near you):

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The EVIL media boycott of the fighters in Japan one word to you, KARMA

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Why the rant about the Media Blackout? Please pay attention, and then go make some news of your own, because the media will not report any shit that threatens the corporate elite world control system.

A Geiger counter registers toxic levels of radiation while children play along the Techa River, ignoring the high degree of contamination here from careless dumping and major accidents in a nearby weapons plutonium plant. Muslyumovo/ Chelyabinsk, Russia 1993 © Gerd Ludwig

The fortress of Chelyaba, from which the city takes its name, was constructed on the site in 1736; town status was granted to it in 1781. Around 1900, it served as a center for the construction of the Trans-Siberian Railway.

A serious nuclear accident occurred at the Mayak nuclear fuel reprocessing plant, which housed 5 plutonium production reactors and a reprocessing plant a mere 150 km north-west of the city.  As part of the Russian nuclear weapon program, the Mayak plant was built in 1945–48, in a great hurry and in total secrecy, as part of the Soviet Union’s nuclear weapon program. The plant’s original mission was to make, refine, and machine plutonium for weapons.

In the early years of its operation, the Mayak plant released quantities of radioactively contaminated water into several small lakes near the plant, and into the Techa river, whose waters ultimately flow into the Ob River.  Working conditions at Mayak, and a lack of environmental responsibility in the past, led to additional contamination of the surrounding lake district and severe health hazards and accidents.

The most notable accident occurred on 29 September 1957, when the failure of the cooling system for a tank storing tens of thousands of tons of dissolved nuclear waste resulted in a chemical (non-nuclear) explosion having a force estimated at about 75 tons of TNT. This released 740 PBq (20 MCi) of fission products, of which 74 PBq (2 MCi) drifted off the site, creating a contaminated region of 15,000-20,000 km2 called the East Urals Radioactive trace.

Later the plant came to specialize in reprocessing spent nuclear fuel from nuclear reactors, and plutonium from decommissioned weapons.  The administration of the Mayak plant has been repeatedly criticized in recent years for environmentally unsound practices, and some areas are still under restricted access because of radiation.

Only in 1992, shortly after the fall of the USSR, did the Russians officially acknowledge the accident.  In the past 45 years, about 400,000 people in the region have been irradiated in one or more of the incidents.

According to Anna Gyorgy, who invoked the Freedom of Information Act to open up the relevant Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) files, the CIA knew of the 1957 Mayak accident all along, but kept it secret to prevent adverse consequences for the fledgling USA nuclear industry.

“Ralph Nader surmised that the information had not been released because of the reluctance of the CIA to highlight a nuclear accident in the USSR, that could cause concern among people living near nuclear facilities in the USA.”

The Mayak plant is associated with two other major nuclear accidents.

The first occurred as a result of heavy rains causing Lake Karachay, a dried-up radioactively polluted lake (used as a dumping basin for Mayak’s radioactive waste since 1951), to release radioactive material into surrounding waters.

The second occurred in 1967 when wind spread dust from the bottom of Lake Karachay over parts of Ozersk; over 400,000 people were irradiated. 

Nuclear fallout and environmental economics lecture kevin d. blanch 6/28/12

Nevada test site, Chernobyl, Fukushima, as it all builds to a leukemia cancer crescendo

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