It’s Sunday morning, and August 5th all over the world. The 2012 World Olympic Games continue. The LIBOR interbank market manipulation continues, as do the fraudulent interest rates on all the casino markets: mortgages; futures; commodities; retirement funds; and liquidity “issuance (what ever that is)” to local banks and national sovereign treasuries. 

When any of the games of sport are rigged, manipulated and fixed, people go to jail and are forbidden to work in that sport ever again. Not so with the world of finance. Clearly every funding transaction is criminally fixed. 

The uber-wealthy rig the daily deal before anyone “gets” to do the daily deal. The prices are rigged, before delivery by the monopoly private bank cartel-mafia to any/every national treasury, on thru to every local bank, on thru to every possible kind of retail customer, everywhere, who buys food, fuel, housing, or “credit” so that person can work. 

Zion. Zionists. Romney, Obama, Clinton, Bush, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Leader in the Chinese Communist Party, and on and on…. all Zionists. People can question the CCP, but they in fact funded all the trillions in the Wall Street USA Wars for the benefit of the Zionists. When someone pays for the actions of another, that is called sponsorship. All these players already occupy. They occupy all the private banks and privately owned central banks. They occupy your mortgage payments, or your rent, your credit cards, and debit cards. They get a percent of all of it over and over. They occupy Walmart & Food Stamps. (40% of all Walmart revenue is from Food Stamps) They make money on every coin - coined for your use - and used for your self abuse. Have we had enough yet? How is this program working for any of us? 

We are all Gaza now. Palestine is the land that is under the jack-boot of fascism worldwide. That “Free Syrian Army” is the CIA. It is Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda is state sponsored terrorism funded by Israel and Zionist financiers. It’s not pretty. It is fact. 

The CIA is the Cocaine Import Agency. Afghanistan is all about heroin, and the British Crown’s many century monopoly on the opium and heroin markets. All that “cash” funds the banks that rig the LIBOR rates, so as to pilfer “profit” percentages, off of every transaction we transact. This is more than “like a Stamp Tax”, paid for thru our use of their privately issued “money.” 

Look on your paper. Who issued the note or coin? The private company known as the Federal Reserve Bank, issued every US Dollar since they killed John Fitzgerald Kennedy in 1963 due to his Executive order: 11110. 

If your in England, your British Pound was issued by the Rothschild owned private bank known as the Bank of England. In the USA and England, these banks charge 4% to 5% to pint money, so there is no way to ever repay the money printed, as they never print the interest payments. They only increase the national debts that they charge interest payments on, and adjust that to LIBOR that they rig. It is 100% criminal fraud. The whole finance industry is felony racketeering. The interest rate is the amount of taxation without any representation. 

Taxation without representation is what the global revolution is 100% about. That is our one demand. What is Israel’s role? It’s not about religion. It’s about banking. This was what the American Revolution was all about. 1776 was not about rich white people trying to save their wealth. 1776 was about the private banks use of interest to tax people without any representation and participation of the people in the tax system - that is in place to this day!

I cant rent a car. No credit card. I cant rent any hotel room either. No chip. The chip is the credit card. Debit cards dont work. The banks don’t want your money in their bank. They dont want you to have any of your own money. No credit - no transaction. They make all their money on their LIBOR percentage built into the credit portion of every transaction authorized. If you think about it, every time you use a credit card, that creates money for the bank, without their ever having to issue any paper money! No credit - no transaction. Credit is the modern day Stamp Act.

Stamp Act?

We are all Gaza now.

Japan Investigation Finds Fukushima Nuclear Disaster ‘Man-Made’

The Fukushima nuclear disaster was a “man-made” accident caused by a utility and government regulators who put self-interest before the interest of the public, an independent parliamentary commission reported today after a six-month investigation into the crises.

The 641-page report, the first of its kind with wide-ranging subpoena powers in Japan’s constitutional history, is the result of more than 900 hours of hearings and 1,100 interviews with officials, including the former president of operator Tokyo Electric Power Co., or TEPCO, Masataka Shimizu, and former Prime Minister Naoto Kan.

The findings by the Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission detail a scathing indictment of TEPCO and the nuclear regulatory agencies that coddled the utility, despite knowing the risks of their purported inaction. It also criticizes Japanese leadership, saying Kan’s cabinet “lacked the preparation and mindset to efficiently operate an emergency response to an accident of this scope.”

The panel writes the direct causes of the Fukushima accident could have been prevented. Nuclear regulators and TEPCO were aware since 2006 that a large scale tsunami would lead to a power outage at the plant. They also knew the risk of reactor-core damage from the loss of seawater pumps. TEPCO “intentionally postponed putting safety measures in place,” while the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency and Nuclear Safety Commission essentially looked the other way, according to the investigation.

“We found evidence the regulatory agencies would explicitly ask about the operators’ intentions whenever a new regulation was to be implemented,” the commission writes. “From TEPCO’s perspective, new regulations would have interfered with plant operations and weakened their stance in potential lawsuits.”

Three of the plant’s six nuclear reactors suffered meltdowns, after the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami knocked out power to the cooling systems last year. More than 80,000 people were displaced as a result of the radiation fallout.

Contrary to TEPCO’s own investigation, which cites the tsunami as the main cause of the nuclear accident, the parliamentary report says the quake might have significantly damaged equipment necessary to ensuring safety. TEPCO was quick to blame the “unexpected” tsunami for the accident, not the “foreseeable earthquake” in order to avoid responsibility, the panel writes.

“This was a disaster ‘Made in Japan,” commission chairman Kiyoshi Kurokawa said in the report’s introduction. “Its fundamental causes are to be found in the ingrained conventions of Japanese culture: our reflexive obedience; our reluctance to question authority; our devotion to ‘sticking with the program,’ our groupism, and our insularity.”

The report was issued on the same day a nuclear reactor went back on the power grid in western Japan, for the first time since the Fukushima accident in March 2011.

All 50 of Japan’s reactors have been offline since May for maintenance and safety checks, but Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda has aggressively pushed to bring them back online to avoid power outages during the peak summer months, despite widespread opposition to nuclear power.

Noda has insisted sufficient safety measures are in place, and reactors can withstand another earthquake and tsunami similar to the one that hit Fukushima, but the public has remained skeptical.

The parliamentary panel casts doubt on government assurances, writing “safety of nuclear energy in Japan and the public cannot be assured unless the regulators go through an essential transformation process.”

The Litigation Tsunami is On The WAY!!! 

This clip is full of reality. You may as well get a cup of coffee and prepare for 60 to 90 minutes taking notes, and googling the references she is handing out like Halloween Candy.

Radchick hits hard on facts, like (1) the US Government produces plutonium at these reactors. Fukushima was a production plant that makes weapons grade plutonium, and has been for decades. So where has the nuclear industry sold all this nuclear weapons ready fuel, if not Israel?  Did they supply China also? Maybe that is why the Chinese have been such friends to Wall Street, and seem all good with paying for our wars? (I should not say “our”, the wars are the Rockefeller/Rothchild wars). (2) the Huffington Post covers for the US Government all the time and allows US Intelligence Shills to comment and wage comment wars on the Huffington Post. (the Hufpo never posts any of my comments any more. Maybe I should just go delete my account there?). (3) NOAA has covered up the radiation levels hitting the USA. The Russians have sent radiation reading surveillance planes over the USA recently (allowed by Obama - to enable radiation readings and not “freak out” the American People). The results? 80 times the background radiation now in the upper atmosphere over America. (4) the radiation readings the Russians made mean that is where these super tornadoes are coming from: the effects of radiation in the upper atmosphere over the USA releases decay heat that causes severe weather. (5) Japan is now really preparing to evacuate Tokyo. The target spot for 40 million Japanese is the Kurel Islands. My guess is that China is going to have to help and allow the Japanese to move into the ghost cities of China - at least temporarily. This would be “nice” of China, especially if they have been getting their weapons grade nuclear fuel from the US/Japanese nuclear industry. (6) if the Chinese have been getting nuke fuel for weapons from the US/Japanese nuclear industry - then the Bush’s and the Clinton’s are all the real domestic terrorists, and are real traitors. Where is the US Military to protect us from these domestic enemies of the Republic? And, is Obama in on it? Is the Pope Catholic? Regardless of what anyone says in the media, I would not be surprised at the Presidents selling America out! Nope. Not at all. That bullshit that Obama killed Osama is such crap. Obama never killed the dead guy. (Tim Osman, aka Usama bin Laden, was dead in December of 2001). (7) the 1958 Hydrogen Bombs in the pacific affected our weather, by releasing “decay heat”. The US Government called this El Nino. The first recorded El Nino was in 1959, one year after the Bikini Atol tests. If this is the science, then we have a problem Houston, due to the decay heat now being generated by Fukushima. No wonder the USA did not have winter this year. No wonder the mutations are showing up in the plants. No wonder super-tornadoes are already starting and we will have maybe 10 time the normal this summer. (8) the real radiation threat to humanity was not from the Russians but from the American Nuclear Industry. Now with Fukushima - we see that Nobel Laureate Dr. Albert Schweitzer was correct in that warning he made to humanity, back in 1957. (9) There will be a emergency conference in Switzerland this May 11, 12, and 13 in Geneva. The nuclear scientists who survivors of Chernobyl have called the conference because the world is in danger. (10) They accuse the World Health Organization as criminal accomplice to cover up regarding Fukushima, along with the IAEA. According to a May 5th 1959 Treaty between the WHO and the IAEA, the WHO can not reveal the dangers of nuclear accidents to human populations, who will be, or are affected by the radiation from nuclear accidents. (11) This is why the USA is in a total news black out regarding Fukushima. We are being setup and will be killed now by the millions from radiation sickness. Yes our government is responsible, as are General Electric and Westinghouse. This is worse than 911. Only 3,000 of us were killed by our government on 9/11.

The WHO can not disseminate information to a human population affected by the nuclear power/war industry.

Notes on the radio show end here. My notes continue.

During 911, the events that there were being “trained for” went live, as buildings were hit and shit hit the fan.

The coming May Chicago Protests are a concern. I realize people would rather die on their feet, than locked down under martial law. The Jews in Europe in the 1930’s did not realize their fate until it was too late. We know the Mossad did 911 with a rogue team of the NSA, or as “the whole NSA” had gone rogue and is directed by the Mossad. Rham is now Mayor of Chicago, so we have Mossad running the Office of the Mayor and I do not consider the man an American, loyal to our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Rham loves the Patriot Act. His father was a Zionist Terrorist. The fruit never falls far from the tree. Probably, its all psy-war to keep people from showing up. Maybe Chicago will become battle number one? I do not think people realized at Concord and Lexington what the moment of those events were at the time.

The botched assassination of Obama in Columbia did not work out for Israel, Netanyahu and Rahm. Ben Fulford reports it for what it was. The President plays his role well. As he sure has acted as if - nothing happened in Colombia. Colombia is Bush Country. The Bush Family owns the cocaine business coming out of Colombia. The Bush Family has owned the CIA up to now. But with the finance people who did all the money laundry for the CIA/Bush/Clinton Crime Cartel getting arrested in Germany recently, and singing to Interpol about their crimes, the situation in Washington DC is not stable. And this is just a back drop for the real drama - which is Fukushima Reactor #4. 

This information is critical for you. God bless and much love! 

Here is Ben Fulford’s May Day Statement.

Like I said all thru my Campaign for Mayor in 2011, City Hall is run by Organize Crime

We have over 20,000 Chinese Nationals, who are not legal to vote, as they are not US Citizens, yet they were Registered illegally, by Rose Pak’s Chinatown Organizations, and hundreds of young PRC Students, here in San Francisco on Educational Visa’s. This is Racketeering. This is also only part of the Organized Crime that is the Ed Lee Administration. Our new District Attorney acts as if he is in on it. When has he ever prosecuted the Voter Registration Frauds, the Absentee Ballot Voting Frauds, the Election Tampering in the actual Election Rigging and Election Tampering? Why should he? Those votes were votes for him as well. Our now State Attorney General, and DA before Gascon, never saw fit to investigate and prosecute. The corruption is deep. I find it sad that our new DA can’t find the time to prosecute the Chinatown Extortion, Money Laundering, and worse! We don’t have any Rule of Law. The real crime in that I sketch out here, makes our Sheriffs troubles pale in comparison. Our State Senator Leland Yee told me personally, before the 2001 election was over, that the facts were far worse than I imagined. I don’t expect our local Crime Family to prosecute it’s self. It’s Chinatown. We have no system of checks and balances in San Francisco, unless Citizens resort to the Dan White solution. This is the Wild West! I have often thought we have not had an approximation of a Rule of Law here since Feinstein became Mayor after that last great San Francisco Political Leaders were shot dead in City Hall. The heart sickening prime result of this festering many decades old cancer is now that our City has become the most corrupt City in the whole of the USA, at this time, bar none. I personally filed complaints with the FBI twice, and I visited the US Attorney over all these issues as well. I talked with our past DA Terrence Hallinan do see if he would take a comprehensive Civil R.I.C.O. case into Federal Court and stood before Vincent Hallinan’s son as a plaintiff ready to file against this cabal. K.O. is not like his father. We don’t have lawyers like Vincent and Melvin Belli any more. Terrance was shocked that I asked! After I carefully laid out the facts and the law that support the causes of action, his comment was “Paul, I am a Democrat for Chirist’s sakes!” I told K.O. then and there in his offices, that I am a Democrat also. I am a Real Democrat, not some phony. I remember when Real Democrats like Bobby Kennedy put real criminals in real prison, criminals who were just like the kind we have running San Francisco at this time. Bobby Kennedy did not have the R.I.C.O. Act to use during JFK’s Administration. Nixon gave us the RICO Laws as new tools to allow us root out this very sort of political cancer. As I move thru the situations as they are now in our town, I am amazed that no one wants to organize a new Democratic Party. We seriously need to get fresh and good people elected. We need to restore genuine integrity to our City’s Operations. The fact of the matter is this will take real people going to real prison. This comment of Ed Lee’s that “I really can’t recall” reminds me of the question, to Ed Lee: “When did you decide to become a Candidate for Mayor?” Willie Brown should be indicted before he passes on. San Francisco owes that to Mr. Brown. I don’t think any one else ever before, has evaded arrest for so many crimes and criminal operations, run for so long, in our State’s short history. The Treasure Island fraudulent conveyance of public property for private gain must be the Crown Jewel for Emperor Brown at this point! My intuition is that the Bayview/Hunters Point and Park Merced Developments are only appetizers to the new Manhattan in the Bay, that the Machine plans to build on the California State Property we all know as Treasure Island and Yerba Buena. The local Sunshine Laws, the Brown Act, and more - all serve as component predicate acts, which taken in whole, violate the Federal Racketeering Laws. Any decent Lawyer can read up on these facts. These laws do apply, and should be used now on both the Businesses and Government Officials who run the County of San Francisco. I know from experience that US District Judge Susan Illston would say, “Paul, you need to re-write your complaint.” She may be correct, but From my experience, all our courts are corrupt as well. Where is our Patron Saint when we all need one? I have often wondered where are all the good people who really care about this place?

"Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert with GIABO communique #3. They talk about GIABO’s entry in Urban Dictionary; about GIABO dog and about Adam Curry’s Date: 23 October 2011. Recorded in Paris, France" - from Max and Stacy

People like their ideas.  People like their stuff.  I remember losing all my patent journals, in the Antitrust battle with the hatchet men - the executives of Intel, ATT, the Legacy Bell Telephone System, and the PLDT (Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company).  It’s odd now to say… “when I designed the iPhone and iPad, back in 1997…” and watch the jaws drop at the “Forest Gump Moment”.  I liked my idea.  I still like the way I set up “relationships between objects” in the software far better than how Apple implemented my work.  Apple set up the relationship-model between the user and Apple, and the user and ATT.  I designed relationships as objects that were free to interact horizontally, vertically, and virtually with an open system of permissions, requests, and approvals.  My design allows for more freedom to the users.  Apple likes to tether you to them in the same way a heroin dealer likes to tether you to their dope.  ATT is the same way.  The interaction between Intel and Apple is legacy.  The partnership between Apple and ATT is clear.  

In that same spirit of “holding on”, I could get all upset and all that.  I just let it go.  ATT and Apple took my ideas and ran with them.  They made billions and I ended up poor.  I - that “I”, which Max holds onto so firmly here, with his charm and clear claim to be the origin of many good ideas is not wrong - especially since Max is the originator of many good ideas.  EGO stands for easing God out.  No one’s ego is their amigo.  This especially holds true for me.  This also holds true for anyone claiming anything.  When others claim you did this and you did that, those claims have more substance and weight than shameless self promotion.  BTW, shameless self promotion is old school very early internet style!  (smile)  After all, if you don’t give yourself credit who will?  Then again - that act of “giving one’s self credit” is the selfing around that fucks things up for everyone: here a self, there a self, every where a self self, old MacDonald had a farm eee aaaii eeee aaaiii oooo……

What matters is we keep working, regardless of credit, given of received.  I salute Max for getting paid to produce content for the internet.  I never did.  Should I be jealous because I am not successful at monetizing my ideas, plans, and architectures?  Maybe, I should?  That jealousy thing never felt too good to me.   After I lost all my life work in the Antitrust battles, I could have committed suicide.  What’s to live for when people steal your dreams, livelihood, means to earn a living, and then….  then I lost my homes and property.  I lost everything.  Where do you pick up when life delivers smoke, fire, ash and ruins?  There is a joy a baby expresses in wonder.  I lost that too.

I suspect the whole of society is going to move thru that same pain now, one by one, family by family and whole community by whole community, if Greece is our model.  It’s ok.  There is love after death.

On thing we all need to agree on is the collective need to move on, and design, build and rely on a new foundation for our new economic and political system.  How will we build that?  That is up to all of us.  Everyone gets to participate.  That is the gift of freedom.

If you don’t like the political economic systems we use now, then go on out there and build one of your own!  (I said that - hahahahahha)(smile)

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From the RT description: Watch the full 200th episode of the Keiser Report on Saturday! This week Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, celebrate the 200th episode of Keiser Report with viewer artwork. They look at TINA versus Lady Liberty as an austerity police force is proposed for Greece. In the second half of the show, Stacy Herbert occupies Keiser Report. Max and Stacy discuss doggies, inflation and stealing the teleprompter from a mouthpiece for bankers.

G.I.A.B.O. definition:

KR on FB:


"It’s time for a global 10 day General Strike!, to start on Monday November 21st, 2011. If all our thousands of General Assemblies discuss this now, then everyone will be ready to vote on Sunday November 20th 2011."
— This statement is the source.


"Tumblr, Twitter, or Facebook?"

Photo: These are the operatives, and employees of the most powerful global crime syndicate in the world….

Like ·  · @PaulCurrier on Twitter · 3 hours ago via Twitter

I sent this tweet out just over 10 hours ago, via Tumblr. My Tumblr is also configured to update my Facebook Feed at the same time, also 10 hours ago. Twitter limits my space to write, and Tumblr does not. Tumblr allows me to frame my first 140 characters as a head-line to the tweet, with some of the link exposed, and shortened for tweeting and re-tweeting by my readers. I also do not have to take the truncation that Facebook imposes on my writing, as Tumblr captures as much as I want to write in my post comment, and sends the Tumblr link to Facebook. This is really important to me. I do not get paid to write, like writers do. I have no Agent nor Syndicator. My ideas, thoughts, feelings shared, observations and participation is for free. Facebook does not pay me, and you can not read me in any Mainstream Media as I am not a Corporate Whore - sold out - edited and gagged by my need for a paycheck. My last paycheck with my name on it was in November of 2006. I accept I will never work again. I am way past entrance to the realm of total poverty, and the economic depression everyone shares is a very familiar neighborhood to me. My work or time spent… all of it is simply a gift to you personally, and to whoever wants to read and share my apparent reason for living with others. Poetry lives. Words come from a place beyond time and space where the heart dwells with others, even if we can’t see them, like Thomas Jefferson, sitting with you now, helping you understand these words. Maybe you thought Tom was dead? Maybe your understanding is Tom channeling thru you? Maybe you thought you were alone in your mind and your mind was yours alone? We share ideas, like we share time and space in real life. Outside time and space, we share ideas also. This mystery of the ages is no mystery at all. Twitter does not and can not contain my voice, but the tweet can hold what a programmer calls a pointer, a logical point of departure to a source space, where more information is available. This is why I like Tumblr. I can write there, and link that to Twitter so others can read the headline, and re-tweet to their friends - and the others can click on the tweets, re-tweets and buzz and everyone can open up the post on Tumblr and read the whole statement or concept. I actually try my best with the wordsmith work. 

I set Tumblr up to post thru to Facebook so I would be able to post for those in my 5,000 friend limited group. There are others who just steal my stuff. Journalists are like musicians and stealing a riff or framed stanza is as much a part of the creative process as breathing air. I don’t know how people get paid to write. I don’t even know how people get jobs any more. Since I live on a $829 a month check from Uncle Sam, and exist in this public housing so people at Twitter and Facebook and Google can make the big money, so be it. The least I can do is share with all of you who are not employed also, and with all of us who will never work again. There is nothing to fear from poverty. Public housing is like prison, and I have lived there as well. Everyone gets a cell or cube, or bed space, and we have toilets and all. I miss eating with others, so I still go to the soup kitchens where the homeless eat. I was one of them and could be again if the police wanted to kick me out of public housing, as they do to others. I just hold no attachments. None. I also hold no fear of prison, as I have survived the torture basements in the most secure super-max prison (level 5-6) in the USA, at Lompoc California. Oddly, I am free. I was free in isolation, and here again, I am free in isolation. But my words are caged like the sounds from little birds far off in the tree somewhere near. 

Since I have reached the friend limit here on Facebook (FB), and I can’t tell who reads my Page on FB, and the since the “Analytics” on google and their feedburner RSS product seems to show no one reads me, and Youtube tells me only a few thousand ever listen to the playlists I put together to save people the location effort to real information, and since who knows anything around here…. I set up Tumblr to at least provide a log, or online journal.

But - many of my Tumblr posts do not go thru to Facebook. Those same posts that are supposed to pass thru Tumblr to Twitter (at the same time), often do not make it to Twitter either. I don’t know if the Servers are slow at Tumblr. I don’t know if the Servers are slow at Twitter. And, who knows anything about Facebook. FB is as intermittent and unpredictable as any unstable systems get in computer science. Google is stable, but I have no social outlet there and who wants advertising shoved down your throat every micro-second of every minute spent on line. If I wanted to give every corporation in the world a blow job, I would use Google.

At least Tumblr provides an ad free space. Facebook used to do that and those days are gone with the freedom Facebook used to offer. Now the FB security people jump in and tell me I am being spammy….. hahahahahahahaha but they get pay checks and people don’t read their writing. What kind of skill sets does a child need to chirp up about “your being spammy”, “your being spammy”, “your being spammy” and bla bla bla. Boring.

Ok - so I thought I had discovered a way to allow my readers to share my creative writing with others, for free. Free is always good. Free is better than not free. In prison I could not leave my cell, when ever the “over lords” decided to lock me down. Here in public housing, I can go for a walk in the park and reflect on the birds, and the sky. I like seeing the sky. I do not like being penned into a corral of 5,000 like in a stock yard. That was some arbitrary decision made by the systems architects at Facebook. I like the freedom to hear other tweets, and follow them if I like. I like people not being sold all kinds of bull shit if they want to read my work as I give it away for free, so why should I want someone else to make money on my poverty, with a click click here and a click click there, and here a click and there a click and everywhere a click click - damn. It’s like we are supposed to celebrate life on a virtual farmville.

So Tumblr works. But, Facebook does not post my tumbls thru. Twitter re-tweets but with a lag, and I have no control over the flow and rhythm of delivery. I guess Facebook hates Tumblr as FB does not make advertising money on Tumbls. I guess FB is just like Google now, since Google can’t shove the big corporate dicks of their advertisers down the throats of all the little birdies over on Twitter or who elsewhere figured out they can fly around the clouds without Google. I am sure Apple could care, as they figured out long ago that real people pay real cash for real top shelf stuff and cyber experiences. Being “sold” is not a top shelf experience. So if your thinking of monetizing your life, think carefully before you design your code, as people may not like your shove to their mouth, or poke in their eyes, as the case maybe on line.

I need to build a Wikipedia page for the election. Wikipedia has candidate profiles up for everyone and I need to make mine. Yet another digital space to work for, where they make money off my writing and presentation, and when I am done, it’s off to Saint Anthony’s to eat lunch with my friends. See you all around the ethers…..

"As ‘Occupy Wall Street’ spread to cities across the globe Saturday, San Francisco’s contingent showed no signs of slowing down. An estimated 5,000 demonstrators swarmed downtown, marching from Union Square to the steps of City Hall in solidarity against economic inequality.

Meanwhile, the movement has swelled to encapsulate much of the Bay Area. ‘Occupy Oakland’ topped 2,500 activists this weekend, who have set up a permanent encampment in the city’s Frank Ogawa Plaza. Other offshoots have sprouted in Berkeley, Richmond, Palo Alto, Santa Cruz and even affluent suburbs like Walnut Creek and San Mateo.” - from the article.


There is something going on…  I ready Obama’s comments and he does not get it.  He clearly thinks he can co-opt the movement and wants us all to be nice to bankers. Screw him.  I really believe we need to start making guillotines.